10 Good Reasons to Invest in House and Land Packages in Perth, WA

Thank you for visiting the First Home Owners Centre! We are happy to provide you a first-time home buyer’s guide that lists the following 10 factors that make house and land packages in Perth, Western Australia, a great investment:

  • Reasonable costs  Our reasonable pricing makes it simpler for first-time purchasers to own their dream home without breaking the bank with our house and land packages Perth WA.
  • Modern design in new homes  Our packages include brand-new homes with cutting-edge layouts that are getting, luxury, and style.
  • Options for customization   Our packages include choices for customization, providing customers the freedom to make their houses as unique as they like.
  • Practical location Our packages are situated in places with quick access to facilities like schools, hospitals, retail malls, and transportation routes.
  • Superior construction Our homes are built to Australian standards using high-quality materials, maintaining their quality and lifetime.
  • Lower maintenance costs Our packages include brand-new residences, which will finally result in lower maintenance costs.
  • Savings on stamp duties purchasing a land and home combination Since stamp tax is only paid on the land component of the package, Perth, Western Australia, offers savings on stamp duty.


  • Possibility of investment Perth, Western Australia, has a booming population, which offers first-time property purchasers good investment opportunities.
  • Rental profits Given the strong rental market in Perth, Western Australia, our house and land packages present the possibility of rental income.


  • Governmental rewards The First House Owner Grant, which provides financial assistance towards the purchase of a new home, is one government incentive that first-time home purchasers in Perth, Western Australia, may be eligible for.


At the First Home Owners Centre, we know that purchasing a house can be stressful, especially for first-time buyers. We provide a variety of options to help our clients realise their dream of house ownership because of this.

Our “No money, no concerns” options are designed for customers without sufficient savings or a down payment to purchase a house. We can assist clients in paying off debt to make it simpler for them to qualify for a mortgage. Customers can buy homes without breaking the bank thanks to our inexpensive packages and reasonable interest rates.

To Summarise

For first-time home purchasers in Perth, Western Australia, house and land packages are a great purchase. Our packages offer great rental profitability, low maintenance expenses, and good investment potential because of their reasonable prices, designs, customization choices, and prime locations. To learn more about our in Perth, get in touch with us right away. Let us help you achieve your dream of owning a home.


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