10 of the best Pokémon to Choose from that are available Scarlet and Violet

As the Christmas season gets closer, many new trainers are making their way into the Paldea region, playing Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. While most trainers might not initially think about the game’s competitive element, they might alter their minds once they finish the story.

The emergence of the 9th generation has resulted in some major modifications and enhancements to the game of meta. In this regard, even veteran players may need help figuring out where to start when creating the ideal team to face the new wave of online competitors they’ll have to compete with.

There are many excellent options for travelling through the Paldea region. With the advent of new equipment and new skills, some of the old popular games have become fashionable too. Players should consider some fantastic options regarding the competitive Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Top picks for Scarlet and Violet’s picks for competitive games.

  1. Maushold

Maushold is a favourite among the players because of its extremely niche design. The creature could not be as robust as it is on paper because it has a poor base stat and a Normal simple typing.

What is it that makes Maushold so threatening? It is the signature weapon “Population Bomb.” It has a precision of 90 and can hit at least 10 times. The addition of a Wide Lens increases this accuracy to 99, making the attack more likely to hit 10 times. Maushold’s secret ability Technician enhances the power base of the attack, making it a formidable opponent in battle.

  1. Houndstone

Houndstone was among the most talked-about Pokemon, which led to the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet due to its earlier evolution, Greavard, and getting a trailer of its own to announce its debut. It was a blessing that all the excitement was well worth it in the end since Houndstone is so brutal that it was removed from tournaments upon its release.

With its special move called the Last Respects, Houndstone can cleave through any opponent not immune to Ghost-type attacks once all its team members have been defeated. Last Respects is an initial damage of 50, which is increased for each Pokémon that faints within the player’s party, which makes Houndstone able to deal 300 base damage when it’s the last one remaining.

  1. Stonjourner

One of the less well-known yet effective options, Stonjourner, will only be effective in double fights due to its power to use the Power Spot. This can greatly increase the offensive power of allies by sharing the field. This can be a huge advantage when aiding a late-game sweeper.

Sojourner is also a good choice for sandstorm teams since it will help establish the weather condition with a little team support. But, because of Stonjourner’s low special defense score of 20, it may take a lot of work to decide the best distribution time.

  1. Kingambit

Like Houndstone, Kingambit is one of the picks that improve significantly every time an ally has been defeated. But unlike Houndstone and Houndstone, this effect is limited to one attack, and this is the reason for Kingambit’s most famous ability, the Supreme Overlord. It permits a devastating double team in the final moments of a game with Kingambit and Houndstone.

Kingambit isn’t the fastest, but it makes up for it with tremendous power and defence stats. But, it also has an important weakness in fighting-type attacks. It is essential to keep the game in mind when playing Kingambit, as applying it at the wrong time could ruin the player’s strategy for the final game.

  1. Gallade

Gallade has always been an obscure choice that has struggled to keep its relevance since its peak days during the 4th generation. However, Game Freak finally gave Gallade the boost it required with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in the form of a brand new ability called Sharpness. The new ability boosts Gallade’s power by a factor of ten. It was cutting moves.

Since Gallade comes with swords, Most of the attacks are slashing. With a wide range of coverage for Night Slash, Leaf Blade, Aqua Cutter, and Slash, along with excellent similar-type options like Sacred Sword and the Psycho Cutter, Gallade gets an amazing amount of value out of this skill.

  1. Jolteon

One of the most valuable Eevee Evolutions of utility players participate in is Jolteon. Jolteon excels in setting up its team thanks to its excellent supporting move pool and speed.

A set of moves that includes Mud-Slap and an opponent’s screen of preference, Rain Dance and Thunder, makes Jolteon a valuable, important asset for rain teams and offers excellent support due to the damage caused by Mud-Slap and its lower precision. Thunder is also sure to strike in the rain and can even numb an opponent.

  1. Paladin

One of the top Water types to be introduced to the franchise for the last few years, Paladin is a must-have for trainers of Pokemon Scarlet as well as Violet, who need an aquatic type on their battle team. Although it’s extremely fragile as a Zero For me, it is easily fixed with a little bit of planning.

To maximise Paladin’s speed, EV players can swiftly use Flip Turn at the start of the battle to activate the Hero Forme. This will be distributed when it returns to combat. Armed with a basic attack score of 160 and the ability to perform Acrobatics, a bonus, players don’t even have to provide Paladin an item to be useful in combat.

  1. Dondozo

Similar to Paladin, Dondozo is another incredible Water-type that can be used in battle online. However, it has a distinct scenario of use. Dondozo is the one creature to trigger the power of Tatsugiri as commander. If the two are fighting simultaneously, which can only happen in double fights, Tatsugiri can enter Dondozo’s mouth and dramatically enhance all its stats.

An attack base of 100 and a defence base of 115 Dondozo can be described as a powerful and bulky force. Combine this with the influence of Tatsugiri, and Dondozo quickly becomes invincible. However, it does not fare well in single fights and is quickly taken down by special attacks.

  1. Revavroom

A surprisingly good choice for teams with sandstorms, Revavroom can easily carry games due to its defense-oriented typing, impressive statistics, and the boosts it receives by holding items. In addition to Sandstorm and Shift Gear, Revavroom is one of the top set-up sweepers available in the metagame currently, but somewhat special.

Revavroom is not a benefit of using the Assault Vest with the set-up sweeper design, but it could be useful by using items such as The Metronome and Toxic Barb as it only requires one or two of the steps to complete the sweep once it’s installed.

  1. Garganacl

Garganacl is perhaps the most powerful defence tank of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The ability to type pure Rock and a defence score of 130 create an intimidating challenge for physically-minded attackers to tackle. Players are in a tough spot to overcome when you add in the ability to use moves such as Recover or Iron Defense.





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