6 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Taking Products Photography.

Photos of your products are a great way to show them off and showcase your brand. However, some mistakes are easy to make when shooting the products that might leave you disappointed with the results. Therefore, in this piece, we shall discuss six common mistakes to avoid when taking product photography. According to famous product photographer Richard Reinsdorf, avoiding these mistakes will help your products stand out among your competitors. Those mistakes include;

1. Poor lighting

Poor lighting removes your products’ beauty and distracts your customers’ eyes. Therefore, it is essential to have your lighting set up correctly before you shoot.


2. Using a diffuser

Setting up your diffuser incorrectly can cause unwanted light reflection on the sides of your products and make them look dirty. To avoid this, you should use a softbox instead of a diffuser, which will provide more even light to the sides while still allowing the front of your product to be seen clearly.


3. Incorrect white balance

That is a mistake that will surely give you mixed results. The key to taking product photography correctly is setting your camera’s white balance correctly. Then make sure your white balance setting is correct on your screen.


4. Overloading the foreground

Overloading the background of your shot with other products or items can ruin the design of your product and distract from its primary purpose as a product in its own right, which should be shown only in the foreground.


5. Poor background

There should never be a background in your shot. For the product to stand out, it should be the shot’s focus. We suggest finding a soft and even background and leaving it undisturbed to avoid unwanted distractions.


6. Photographing reflections

Avoid photographing reflections in glass and water. Even if you have a clear reflection in the water, your customers will still notice the reflection and might become distracted by it. Instead, photograph the product from above and angle the camera towards the reflection. 


While some of these mistakes might seem obvious to you, it is essential to be aware of them and try to avoid them as much as possible. Also, remember that practice makes perfect. The more you shoot your products, the better you’ll become at it, and the happier your customers will be with your brand! For more assistance when taking product photography, contact Richard Reinsdorf and enjoy the advice of one of the best product photographers.

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