Alberto Serafino Motzo

Financing yourself and studying at the same time is what only a multi-talented person can do. Long shift hours and studying side by side is a hectic task but when you need money, you do these things with ease. Alberto Serafino Motzo is a learning parent and perusing his higher studies of dentistry.

Spending his life in Germany, he shared valuable time with his brother, Stefan. Both of them studied in Germany and followed different professions. After completing university, he started working as a dentist and became a father of one. However, he needed to pursue a master’s degree to enhance his skill set. This is when he decided to study and upgrade himself as a dentist. Being a parent, he knows the need for money, that he joined a university that offers a seat as a learning parent.

Here he had the privilege to manage between his studies, family, and work. This is how he completed his master’s being a parent and became an even more successful dentist.

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