Azar Jazestani: Essential Wedding tips from Canada’s most renounced wedding planner

Weddings are one of the greatest occasions in a person’s life. It marks the beginning of a new phase in the life of two individuals and their journey of love and becoming a family. So evidently, the big day should be grand and special, so much so that they remember them their whole life.

But these days’ weddings have become a realization of dream or movie sequence and making a moment that much special on their own is stressful for most couples. That’s where wedding planners come to rescue the couple’s special day. Azar Jazestani, one of Canada’s most renowned wedding planners is one of them. So far, Azar has planned thousands of weddings and according to the expert, if you are one of those recently engaged couples who’s feeling overwhelmed due to wedding planning, these tips will you plan your wedding better and easier:

  • Avoid going into debt: Most couples forget to budget and spend more than they can afford. This sometimes becomes a big financial burden that couples have to tackle in their married life. With the right budget, you can make your wedding dreams come true without going into any sort of debt. Taking your savings into consideration and contributions of any family member or friends into your wedding budget plan will help allocate proper amounts to all the things you want in your weddings.


  • Choose your Wedding venue earlier: The place where you’re going to hold your ceremony will have a huge impact on where the reception and remaining wedding events will happen. And if you don’t want to comprise on your dream wedding, it’s recommended that you book your wedding venue in advance considering the weather, band availability, etc. so that your special day goes as you dreamt.


  • Determine your wedding vision: While many people already have a picture in their mind of what their wedding would look like. It’s more beneficial if you narrow down the details and write down exactly what your day will look like. To help you get a better idea you can use the help of professional planners of Principal Planner that can help you finalize your theme, style, outfits and wedding place, etc.


  • Make your Registry & Wedding website: Your Registry and wedding website will be a really helpful tool for your family and friends as it houses all the important and relevant details about your wedding day. It generally includes details like dress code, time, date, transportation services, and hotel rooms blocks.


  • Plan your Honeymoon: Many couples get so wrapped up in planning their wedding that they often forget about their honeymoon. Every couple wants to enjoy some much earned intimate and fun time after the big day and finalizing your flight dates, visiting places, hotels, etc. will help you in your post-wedding getaway and celebrate the starting of the new phase.


While weddings have countless other things to take care of, these tips will help you to manage the tasks that usually become overwhelming. If you are a recently engaged couple who seeks guidance and assistance in their wedding planning and choosing venues you can contact Azar Jazestani and her team of professionals from Principal Planner to organize and realize your special day.

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