Azure College Fort Lauderdale, FL

Azure College Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Azure College is quite popular among a wide variety of students for its quality nursing programs. The college has gained a wide reputation as being one of the best private institutions that help students to pursue careers as professional nurses. With management personnel that thrives to work for the betterment of students, Azure College is an exceptional choice for achieving a nursing degree. Moreover, the college has been licensed, accredited and approved by various trustworthy organizations including the Florida Commission for Independent Education (CIE) and Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES).

How Azure College Helps People to Switch Careers with Nursing

In today’s world, the competition to secure a good job has become very intense. In particular fields, such as engineering and business administration, the struggle is exceedingly demanding. However, looking at the healthcare industry, opportunities to become its part as a nurse are significantly higher in number. Furthermore, the healthcare industry offers plentiful jobs regarding professional nurse every year and the growth is also good.

Azure College Fort Lauderdale not only provides its nursing programs to high school and international students but also to people who want to switch their current careers with a more reliable one. People who are associated with other fields or have an academic degree in other than nursing can pursue a degree in nursing. Individuals interested in earning a second-degree can completely rely on the acclaimed Azure nursing college.

What are The Benefits and How to enroll As a Second-Degree Seeker?

People who have earned a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in certain fields where it is extremely hard to get a reliable job with good remuneration, becoming a professional nurse can be a great idea. By pursuing nursing as the second-degree, the chances of getting a high paying job in the healthcare industry increase considerably. For that reason, one can approach Azure College Fort Lauderdale to achieve an ASN (Associate of Science in Nursing) degree.

Talking about the admission process, a person who wants to get his/her second degree from Azure College will have to perform the following tasks:

• Filling the application form along with submission of application fee
• Providing the college transcripts that certifies the achievement of previous academic degree/s
• Paying a visit to the campus of Azure College, which is located in the city of Fort Lauderdale

Additionally, the college also welcomes second-degree seekers to explore the campus, meet the teaching staff, and get answers to all their questions regarding the institution and/or the nursing programs.

Brief Overview of the ASN Program

The ASN program that Azure College offers to the second-degree seekers has a total duration of 2 years or 104 weeks. Furthermore, the total hours of the ASN program are 1765 along with 126.5 quarter credits. The 2-year long study enriches students with both technical knowledge and clinical skills in a wide variety of areas including:

• Medical
• Surgical
• Obstetric
• Pediatric
• Geriatric
• Acute care
• Long term care
• Pharmacology
• Mental health

The decision of switching career is not an easy one and requires a lot of thinking before execution. The most important aspect of the decision is to choose one among the large pool of career choices. Individuals who want to excel in their life by becoming a professional nurse, getting a second degree in nursing from Azure College is an ideal option.