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Aerospace vehicles are utilized for transportation, communications, exploration, and defense, and aeronautical engineers create and incorporate cutting-edge technology into these vehicles. PV collaborates with the corporate, commercial, and government sectors as commercial space flight becomes more commonplace. Spacecraft components need precise engineering regardless of industry, and PV’s expert machinists help them satisfy the unique needs of this cutting-edge market.

Defense And The Military

In the face of danger, OEMs, military contractors, and international organizations rely on Parallel Ventures to help them secure, dominate in the field, and remain strategically independent. PV’s dedication to excellence in manufacturing parts for the military and defense industry helps to stabilize an otherwise unsteady world.

Business Flights

Commercial aviation is the backbone of global transportation, even as the globe becomes more unstable. Hundreds of thousands of machined pieces are used in the final assembly of any plane that makes an endless journey around the world. While the ordinary passenger would never see it, PV’s precise machining helps original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) construct the elements that make commercial flight possible.

Evs, Or, Battery-Powered Vehicles

We may expect widespread adoption of electric cars shortly. Most electric vehicles outperform conventional counterparts in fuel efficiency and cost per mile driven. It’s not hard to see why electric vehicles (EVs) have stuck around, with their minimal maintenance costs and cult-like allure. Through collaborative efforts with top EV, HEV, and PHEV component manufacturing experts, Parallel Ventures is enhancing the strength of parts while decreasing the amount of material required to make them and enhancing their weight/strength performance.

How We Go About It And Why It Matters

Our ability to machine the functional components of market-disrupting innovations is essential to our success. Our global environment is rapidly evolving. You need to align with a partner that can adapt to new circumstances if you want to remain on top. Throughout the whole of production, PV’s end-market expertise gives invaluable insights to its clients. To the largest tier-1 manufacturers in the world, we provide first-rate services in CNC Metal Milling Machine, and EDM.

PV is unique among CNC machining companies because it caters only to the aerospace, defense, commercial aviation, and electric vehicle markets. Every one of the projects and jobs we take on is seen through the lens of The Process. Aerospace, defense, commercial aviation, and electric vehicles are at the forefront of technological advancement today. The contractors in these sectors need suppliers that can work with them as they go from the prototype stage to the production phase. Mission-critical component components with exceptionally tight tolerances are PV’s specialty as a top CNC manufacturing manufacturer. PV’s competitive advantage is not its state-of-the-art CNC Metal Milling Machine but rather the skilled machinists who operate it, together with a well-thought-out business strategy that guarantees customers goods that meet or exceed their expectations and arrive on time and under budget.

PV is the go-to place for clients needing a collaborative partner because we reimagine CNC precision machining
with our cutting-edge technology, modern production methods, and highly skilled workforce. We have a straightforward procedure that helps us stay on task with every assignment.


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