Best Elbow Crutch

The elbow crutch‘s unique modular design of the SmartCRUTCH relieves strain on the hands, wrists, and shoulders by redistributing your weight across the forearm. It is fully adjustable and may serve as a secure base or a supportive forearm crutch.


  • Grip settings range from 15 degrees of palm inclination to 90 degrees of forearm inclination, allowing users to choose the ideal position for their comfort and mobility.
  • An arm of rotation may be locked in place reliably with a spline that locks.
  • Forearm length may be adjusted in three different ways.
  • With a simple button click, you may vary the height from 4 feet, 8 inches to 6 feet, 7 inches.
  • The hourglass shape of the foot achieves maximum ground contact.
  • The memory foam cuff and ferrule are specifically designed to absorb impact.

More Information About Smartmobility,Inc

We are thrilled to be a part of a global network that distributes the revolutionary new smartCRUTCH crutch in the United States and Canada.

Smart Mobility Inc. crutch for sale is run by a father and daughter who, separated by more than 10,000 miles of space, have a deep commitment to providing customers with innovative, high-quality goods at reasonable prices and with a genuine concern for their needs. After operating an Access Control manufacturing and worldwide distribution business for 35 years, founder Errol East sold it to a multinational conglomerate.

Marketing veteran and current CEO Kirsten Le Roux have a particular spot for original, well-designed innovations. Kirsten hopes to one day inhabit a society where everyone enjoys unrestricted mobility since it is a fundamental human right. After fracturing her ankle and seeing firsthand the agony of using traditional axillary crutches, she was relieved to discover smartCRUTCH and couldn’t fathom why everyone wasn’t using them.

Kirsten and her husband Mike are happy to introduce a distributorship to rural Colorado by establishing a shop in Pagosa Springs, a beautiful mountain community in the South San Juan Mountains (just below Wolf Creek Pass).

When she is not frantically passing out smartCRUTCHES, she’s probably planning her next big trip. Kirsten and Mike are enjoying the more temperate weather of the American Rockies. Both were born in South Africa but have also been called London and Belfast, the United Kingdom, Melbourne, and Cairns, Australia, home.

The only place in the US or Canada to buy smartCRUTCH items is via Smart Mobility Inc’s online store. Durable medical equipment suppliers (DMEs) may order smartCRUTCH on your behalf; you may then pick it up from the DME or have it delivered straight to you. Because we still need to provide Dealer pricing, some dealers may be unwilling to purchase on your behalf or may add a markup to the price. But in this case, they may usually charge your insurance, which is quite convenient! We’ve designed a fair refund and return policy since smartCRUTCH is a personalized fit, and you may want to try them before choosing to retain them. We cannot refund the cost of the goods but will cover the delivery costs. Unfortunately, we need a list of the physical therapists and clinicians who have demo pairs since many have already bought them. In any event, if your doctor anticipates needing crutches for a large number of patients, have them get in touch with us, and we’ll give them a sample set to try out.

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