Best Home Decor Tips From Isabella Loretta Janke

Isabella Loretta Janke is a highly experienced interior designer who has been in the industry for over 15 years. She offers her valuable insight and expertise to help homeowners create beautiful and comfortable living spaces that are both stylish and practical. In this article, we look at her top best home décor tips for achieving an elegant yet functional atmosphere in your home.


1. Start with a Statement Piece

One bold focal point can instantly transform a room from boring to fabulous! Whether it’s an eye-catching painting, sculpture, or even a show-stopping piece of furniture, choose something that speaks to you personally and adds personality and character to the space.


2. Work with What You’ve Got

Rather than replacing all of your furniture with new pieces, Isabella suggests making the most of what you already have. For example, if you have a couch that’s seen better days, you can quickly revive it by reupholstering or adding a few colorful throws and pillows to give it an updated look.


3. Invest in Quality Pieces

Though it may be tempting to opt for low-cost items, investing in quality pieces will ensure that your decor lasts longer and looks more luxurious. High-end materials like leather and real wood are worth spending extra on, as they are timeless classics that never go out of style. Always aim for quality over quantity when choosing the pieces you’ll use to decorate your home.


4. Embrace Natural Light

Letting natural light flow into your home will instantly brighten up a room and make it look more spacious and inviting. Take advantage of all available windows by adding sheer curtains or blinds that can be opened during the day and closed at night to block unwanted noise or light.


5. Layer Your Lighting

Lighting is one of the most critical aspects of creating a cozy atmosphere in any room. Isabella suggests layering your lights—from overhead fixtures to accent lamps—to create depth, mood, and warmth throughout your space.


6. Don’t Be Afraid of Color

There is nothing wrong with going bold when it comes to color! Isabella advises homeowners to choose colors that speak to their personalities and evoke the desired mood. She suggests incorporating a few subtle pops of color for more neutral spaces, such as bright pillows or an accent wall.


7. Layer Your Textures

Layering different textures can add depth and interest to your space, making it appear larger and more inviting. Choose pieces with contrasting textures for maximum impact, from chunky knit throws to jute rugs.


8. Don’t Shy Away from Patterns

Don’t be afraid of patterns! Adding a few patterned pieces can break up the monotony and bring the room to life. However, Isabella recommends using them sparingly, as too many patterns can be overwhelming.


9. Add Greenery

Greenery is a great way to bring the outdoors in and instantly add life and texture to any space. Plants are also known for their calming properties, making them a great addition to bedrooms and living rooms.


10. Incorporate Artwork

Artwork is a great way to add color and personality to any space. Whether you opt for traditional prints or more modern pieces, Isabella suggests creating small vignettes with art that speaks to you personally and complements your other décor pieces.


11. Mix Old & New Pieces

Mixing old and new pieces is a great way to create an eclectic look that doesn’t feel too rigid or staged. opt for vintage finds like mirrors, chairs, and side tables to add character to your space while incorporating modern pieces that keep the room up-to-date.


12. Experiment & Have Fun!

Decorating your home should be fun and stress-free! Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors, textures, and patterns until you find something that speaks to you—you’ll know it when you see it!



Isabella’s top home décor tips will give you the confidence and creativity needed to transform your space into a beautiful, functional living area. Remember to work with what you have, be bold with color, invest in quality pieces, layer textures, and, most importantly—have Fun! For more tips, contact Isabella Loretta Janke today and start your home décor process in style.

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