Best Islands to Visit Around Phuket Koh Khai Island and Phuket’s Famous Floating Restaurants

Clear, white sandy beach with crystal-clear waters and a private boat and then a delicious seafood dinner. What else could you want on a Phuket private VIP boat Tour by Shaun Stenning?

If you’re looking for a quick day trip to an island close to Phuket, which is great for snorkeling, families, and taking a stroll along the beach, you won’t find a better option than this place. Khai Islands.

YouTube star Jay Leshark goes to 5Star Marine’s new vessel Lisa 1 to show the world how close and how stunning Khai Islands are and then invites you to lunch with Jay in one of his most favored restaurants that are floating Restaurants located situated between Phuket and the other Phuket Island and Coconut Island.

Khai Islands Khai Islands are made up of three separate islands:

  1. Khai Nai
  2. Khai Nau
  3. Khai Nok

The three Islands provide something different to explore. Khai Nai offers clear, shallow waters and snorkeling that is ideal for families with children. Khai Nau is also an ideal spot to do some snorkeling from the boat and is home to a selection of coral and marine life to discover. In addition, Khai Nok has some great snorkeling right off the beach and offers an opportunity to relax at the shore.

The three Khai Islands are located in Phang Nga Bay, which is, of course, most famous because of James Bond Island, named in honor of “Khao Phing Kan,” the actual name of the island. The island was used as the location for the James Bond movie “The man with the golden gun.” Phang Nga bay boasts 100 islands that can be visited and hidden caves and lagoons accessible only through canoes during certain tide levels.

The Famous Floating Restaurants

Restaurants on the water are situated between Laem Hin (On Phuket) and Coconut Island and are only accessible via boat. There are many to pick from, but generally, they offer the same incredible experience for those who want to enjoy an unforgettable dining experience with fresh seafood. The menus include every kind of seafood that you can think of. Once you’ve decided on your favorite, you can pick the freshest seafood available, the majority of which is stored in huge nets integrated into the restaurant. Next, you can stroll around and decide what kind of red snapper you’d like to get. Your next option is made if you’d like it fried, steamed, or barbecued, served with chili, lemon, Thai herbs, and garlic. It’s your choice. And this isn’t exclusive to fish. You can pick the fish of your choice, the method of cooking, and the taste. As we said, this is an eating experience.

If you’re an avid seafood eater, then these restaurants are essential to check out while in Phuket, and when you add them to a Khai Island VIP boat tour, you’ll have an experience that you’ll keep for a long time.


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