Best Tips To Survive & Excel in NAPLAN Practice Tests

When NAPLAN is approaching, tensions in Australian households tend to rise. This can be due to students and parents feeling stress, especially with the uncertainty of Covid.

In NAPLAN, much of a student’s success or failure is predicated on their ability to perform under pressure, their content knowledge and their test technique.

These suggestions can help you and your child go through this year’s NAPLAN with flying colours, no matter where you live.

Getting Familiar with the NAPLAN Test Structure & Layout

NAPLAN practice tests year 9 reading provides timely practice to help pupils prepare for the test.

There is no need for them to finish all the questions on the practice test, but they should at least have a go at the questions and the paper’s style to have an idea of what to expect on the actual test.

Practising for Online Version of NAPLAN

For many students, the introduction of online testing in 2019 will mark a substantial shift.

Before taking the NAPLAN Practise Tests, we recommend that your kid complete some practice questions on the NAPLAN website.

Time Management

When it comes to an exam, time pressure and running out of time are two of the biggest concerns for students.

This is frequently the outcome of a failure to develop a strategy for managing one’s time.

It’s a simple practice you may conduct with your child to help them stay on track during tests if they frequently run out of time.

Make it clear to them what this implies and for how long they may spend on the questions and what to do if they get stuck on a particular subject. Is it better to keep working on it or move on?

Discussing How to Tackle Certain Types of Questions

What should people do if they don’t grasp a question?

The importance of rereading the question before rushing to predict the answer should be discussed!

You should go through with them how to utilise a method known as elimination method to increase their chances of obtaining the correct answer on a multiple-choice question.

Practising Brainstorming Ideas for Writing Topics

Students will be asked to compose an informational, narrative, or persuasive piece of writing in the Writing section of NAPLAN. It’s time to start brainstorming throughout the exam!

Many students find it difficult to come up with novel ideas when under test pressure; however, this is not the case for all individuals. With the help of NAPLAN practice tests year 9 reading, the pupils can come up with this problem.

It’s a good idea to assist pupils to develop their creative thinking by spending some time with them discussing writing themes before the Writing test.

The purpose of this exercise is to familiarize students with the concept of brainstorming so that they are better equipped to come up with creative ideas for their test essays.

Having a Good Night’s Sleep

Short and long-term memory, the ability to focus, sound decision-making capability, arithmetic processing, and cognitive speed are enhanced from a good night’s sleep, which may make a major difference in test success!

That’s why it’s important to make sure your youngster gets a decent night’s sleep the night before.

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