Camilla Kring

We spend most of our waking hours working, and I would die if I had to be in an office from 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. My mission is to give people more freedom and flexibility in the times and places of work. Therefore, I founded Super Navigators ApS and in the last 14 years I have worked with organisations in 17 countries.

I’m an engineer, PhD and the author of Livsnavigatøren (2006), Supernavigatør (2011), Jeg er B-menneske (2015) and Life Navigation (2011, 2017).

I don’t like mornings. Societies prize early risers, but most of us are late risers (B-persons). Therefore, I founded the B-Society in 2006. The mission of the B-Society is to increase the quality of life and productivity of B-persons by creating later starting times in schools and workplaces. Enjoy my TEDx talk about How to become a successful late riser.

Finally, I love shirts with double cuff. Therefore I have founded PenQueens ApS. A PenQueen-shirt always has double cuff.


Super Navigators ApS


M.Sc. in Engineering, Technical University of Denmark
PhD in Work-Life Balance, Technical University of Denmark

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