Consuming safe milk with the right Pasteurization treatment

The concept of pasteurization is not new, but thanks to advancements in technology, there are better options for pasteurization coming up. That is why you may find many large and small-scale milk pasteurizer coming up with some promising services.

The liquid milk, when it gets delivered to the consumer, has already undergone different heat treatments. The liquid milk properties require the closest of attention considering the consumer safety and a better shell life which is why pasteurization of milk is important.

What exactly is the Pasteurization treatment?

Before you look forward to choosing small-scale milk to pasteurizer, you need to understand what this treatment is all about. It is a mild heating process in which different food types are treated. The process of pasteurization was started by Louis Pasteur, which has also been described as the heating milk process.

Know the purpose:

The primary focus of pasteurization is to get rid of pathogenic bacteria from food. This way, the prevention against the diseases can be maintained

It also removes the spoiling bacteria and thus improves the overall quality.

Milk is heated at a temperature for a certain time which can destroy all the pathogens that could be present. This way, there is less risk to health and better intake of nourishment.

Understand the equipment used for pasteurization.

In the milk plant, there is a machine of milk pasteurization. The machine can sterilize the raw milk, which can further also help the process of fermentation.

There are two ways in which the processing is done.

The first one is the Low treatment which is done for the long term. The other one is the high-temperature treatment which is done for a short term. The treatment option that is used the most is the Low-temperature option. In this, the temperature is around 60 degrees C, where the processing time is a half-hour.

If there is a high temperature around 95 degrees, then its process time will be 20 minutes.

With the help of a pasteurization machine, it is also possible to treat the bagged milk. The factories collect the fresh milk, and then it is processed at low temperature. Besides, the quality of the ilk also gets better, and it can last for quite some time. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that it is a complex process.

Pasteurization Importance

  • The Pasteurization process is a crucial part of milk processing. It ensures better safety and quality shelf life.
  • This process promises all possible bacteria are destroyed before the milk is consumed.
  • It also deactivates the presence of alkaline phosphatase till the time it is not detectable.
  • There are spoilage microorganisms such as psychrotroph and coliforms in raw milk, which are also killed by pasteurization.


To drink the gushed milk, which is freshly done, is not the right choice as it consists of harmful bacteria. Even once the process of Pasteurization is done by the small-scale milk pasteurizer, it is important to store the milk at low temperature. This would ensure the milk does not get spoilt.

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