Dan Izhaky – A Leader, Founder & CEO of United Safety Technology

Dan Izhaky, also known as Daniel Izhaky, is a seasoned professional and an accomplished leader. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of United Safety Technology. As the CEO of UST, he defines strategic objectives, outlines its policies, and implements the framework required to reach the goals. Also, Dan Izhaky worked as the VP of Sales Trading at Hebei Technology Investment Group (from September 4, 1991, to May 18, 1998).

Dan oversees all the aspects of United Safety Technology’s business while setting the strategic direction, positioning the organization for future growth, and developing key partnerships. Dan Izhaky worked with the company for 30 years of leadership in communication, finance, analytics, and research.

Dan Izhaky or Daniel Izhaky completed his education at Vassar College. Later he began his career on Wall Street, where Dan worked for two decades (from April 5, 1998, to March 19, 2006) as a trader and served as Vice President of Morgan Stanley’s Institutional Equity Division. Since then, Dan Izhaky has founded multiple companies, such as Tribeca Tech Solutions, which achieved a rank of 511 on the Inc. 5,000 list after three years of its formation.

Dan Izhaky: CEO and Founder of United Safety Technology

Dan founded United Safety Technology in the year 2020 during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic to increase the production of critical personal protective equipment within the United States. With a creative big-picture vision and keen micro-adjustments, Dan Izhaky is guiding UST into its future.

UST focused initial production on N95 respirators and laid the groundwork for expansion into additional personal protective equipment categories. The firm’s goal is to return high-quality, medical-grade manufacturing to the United States while reducing reliance on foreign suppliers.

After developing a comprehensive production build-out strategy, United Safety Technology won a Department of Defence contract to expand capabilities for nitrile exam gloves. As a result, the company received a $96.1 million grant to increase domestic production of nitrile gloves per month by February 2023 by 375 million units.

The main focus of UST is on the following points –

  • Speed
  • Innovation
  • Automation
  • Sustainability

In the past few months, United Safety Technology began to renovate the abandoned Bethlehem Steel facility in Sparrows Point just outside of Baltimore, MD. Within the very footprint of a historic American manufacturer, UST’s next phase will bring critical production capabilities back to the United States. It will also generate $350+ million in investment and create more than 2,000 jobs.

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