Daniel P. Cannon

Daniel is a Wall Street-trained investment banker and an expert in business strategies with more than 32 years of global experience.

Currently, he serves as managing director of business development (FINRA Series 79) at Oberon Securities, where he provides M&A advisory services and many different types of capital raises and successful exits. Commonly known in New York as “Mr. Liquidity,”

Daniel has vast experience financing infrastructure development finance, biotechnology advisory, technology, media & entertainment, and alternative and conventional energy sectors. Daniel is Founder and CEO of the ICO/blockchain advisory firm Artillery One, Inc. and CEO of the Swiss payments platform company Monetas, AG., based out of Zug, Switzerland.

Daniel has extensive contacts and experience in U.S. government and has a long history of international geopolitical strategies and cross-border transactions. As a global business development expert, few can compare to his knowledge and experience on Wall Street and in Washington, D.C.

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