Day Trading Course: What is it about?

Guy Gentile believes that day trading can be a lucrative profession (as long as you manage it right). However, it can be quite difficult for beginners, especially if they don’t have an organised strategy. Even the most experienced day traders may be hit with a rough patch and incur losses.

Are you willing to spend the time studying the art of trade? The answer is it is dependent on your objectives and the amount of time and energy you’re willing to put into learning new skills. 

guy gentile
Guy Gentile

Here are a few reasons to consider this.

Earn money while in the school

For starters, some jobs let you learn while working through an apprenticeship. You might be able to be paid to learn, while if you choose to follow the traditional college route, you could end up paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to get the degree.

Indeed, the amount you can make as an apprentice isn’t too terrible. For instance, as per Indeed, apprentices in the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers are currently earning $20.92 per hour on average. As per data from Payscale, the average hourly wage for an apprentice bricklayer is $16.02 across the country.

Get into the workforce faster.

If you have the opportunity to earn money while learning as a student, you will have the chance to make it into the workforce sooner. That means you’ll be able to take the next few years creating your wealth or saving money for something like purchasing an apartment instead of making nothing or, even worse, taking out money to get a degree that may not be a good investment.

Get greater job stability and make more.

While certain trades are more sought-after than others Bureau of Labor Statistics statistics show that various occupations that require skills or training have a great chance of growth. For instance, the number of electricians’ jobs is predicted to rise by up to 8% between 2019 and 2029; however, the average job growth rate for all professions is 4 percent.

The good news is that jobs for solar installers and those that install solar panels are predicted to grow by 51% in the next five years.

Be aware, however, that many occupations provide excellent salaries. This is no matter the location you reside in.

You can even start your own company.

Learning the trade could make you able to start your own company. It is possible to become a plumber if you wish. However, you could also set up your own plumbing business and employ other plumbers. You could also become an electrician or IT professional and take the time to create your own business, which can operate by itself.


In the end, the connection between trades and the potential for entrepreneurship is vital, and people who are resentful of being a boss need to be aware clear by Guy Gentile. A trade education can enable you to master a vital talent worth paying for repeatedly; however, you can choose to work for someone else or yourself.


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