Different Types Of Photography by David Sechovicz

As photography is picking up its pace among the best interracial and enjoyable professionals, you must understand different types of photography and genres practiced today. While exploring your photography career, ensure you don’t miss out on good pictures from photographers who capture other subjects than you do. It will expose you to a wide range of photographic types and styles, which might inspire you to try out another genre of photography for yourself. The different kinds of photography imply that you can improve in one area and also learn valuable lessons and techniques that make you a better photographer across other styles. Here are the most common types of photography that can help you build a strong foundation for your career

  • Photojournalism

The photojournalism niche covers a way of telling the story of a newsworthy event or scene through photographs. It’s more objective and truthful as possible and captures candid moments as they happen rather than getting picture-perfect shots. It attends planned events and can still capture unscripted and unplanned moments. The results are routinely published in magazines and newspapers.

  • Sports Photography

Sports photography captures athletes, coaches, and fans at the perfect moment. Photographers in this niche can depict the passion, drama, and emotion that fuels sporting events. They aim and shoot quickly to keep up with the action around them. They also use long, heavy lenses for zooming in on the move. For perfection, you must use a higher ISO to shoot at a faster shutter speed.

  • Editorial Photography

Editorial photography illustrates a story or article for magazine or newspaper use, and it covers subjects widely and entirely dependent on the topic of the text it accompanies. Photographers always aim for shots that work for various layouts, including horizontal and vertical compositions. This niche puts you close to working with writers and art directors. Therefore, demonstrate good communication skills and professionalism to help you succeed.

  • Fashion photography 

Fashion photography is a cousin of portraiture but distinct enough to count as its genre. Under this niche, photographers are intimately knowledgeable about lighting and photography and the clothing styles they photograph. These photography sessions are mainly intended for brands and advertisements, especially in an Instagram world.


Before starting your photography career, take your time exploring and researching different photography niches. If you sufficiently explore all types, gauge your skills, ability, interests, and potential to help you decide on the path from genre to genre in photography, or if there are any types and styles you’d like to learn next.

Author: David Sechovicz – I am a photography enthusiast. A thinker, dreamer, lover of all things whimsical and magical. I love photography and am passionate about art. To me art doesn’t have to be pretty. It has to be meaningful. Now let’s remember the world “revolves” because of people’s creativity.

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