Discover some appealing ideas for 5 room hdb

Whether it is the household shelter or the row house, you need to understand that every home construction has a different layout pattern. Talking of which, the same rule applies for the 5 room hdb as well. If you are planning to shift to your new house or want to renovate your old space with something refreshing and modern, then here are some incredible room transformation ideas that can help. With these smart tweaks, you can bring a good change to your house, which is also within budget.


Begin with reformatting the house flow


Through 5 room hdb already has got great floor space where you can show creativity, but you must pay extra attention to some tweaks that can make it even more spacious. Focus on designing your room with a good entertainment center. 


Also, focus on the flooring and wall pattern to be planned up well, so there is a seamless transition within the spaces. You can consider some unique fixture styles and fitting that can add the illusion. Suppose you consider the reflective surface that is attached to the study room or install a glass door in your kitchen entrance. It will give expensive-looking space to the room.


Color combination:


The choice of color plays an important role too. If you have the right lighting entering the rooms, you might want to go for the warm color options. This way, the undesirable effects can be mitigated. To give the interior more of an intimate yet cozy look, you can consider options like:


  • Cream
  • Off white
  • Ivory


Bedroom spaces should be considered too:


While looking for the right style for each room, you might want to rethink your bedroom as well. You can partially make a wall in the kid’s room and create a small vanity area in it. 


You can reconsider the option of having the bed rest opposite the wall. Instead, consider putting it next to the window as it offers more privacy, especially for the area with a huge open concept.


The dry and wet kitchen areas should be different:


If you are the chef of your house, then you realize the importance of separating the zones of the kitchen into wet and dry ones. This means that the bulky appliances, like the microwave and fridge, can be accommodated in the extended area with some built-in cabinetry.




There is no doubt that a 5 room hdb is quite an expensive home type to invest in, but when it comes to renovation as well, you have to keep your budget flexible. Focus on justifying your house’s space with the right interior.


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