Dr. Gary Cohan

Efforts of Gary Cohan that Led to the Ameliorations in Healthcare Sector

Committed to Sports Medicines and Fitness

Dr. Gary Cohan is a board-certified Internist by the American Board of Internal Medicine. His experience of 31 years has helped in the treatment of many diseases in adults. He also has received specialist training in HIV care at San Francisco General Hospital.

With the help of his practice and vast knowledge, Dr. Cohan has treated a wide spectrum of diseases amongst the adults very effectively. Currently, he is working in Beverly Hills at his own clinic and providing the patients with proper treatments. He has worked and contributed a lot to the health sectors with the help of his knowledge.

Dr. Cohan is a dedicated athlete and started his rowing career by becoming a member of the crew teams for 5 years at the Amherst College and Cambridge University, where he rowed in the event of Henley Royal Regatta. Being a medical expert, he then served as the Senior Triage Physician for the Ironman World Championship Triathlon for two long years. With the help of his medical practice, he continued guiding and treating these professional athletes regarding the sports-related issues.

Contribution towards the HIV/AIDS

Most of the colleagues of Dr. Cohan shied away from practicing the treatment for this epidemic disease named AIDS but he took a keen interest in it. He received specialist training in HIV care and also devoted his time and made various efforts to combat this new plague by taking care of the ill and neglected AIDS patients.

Dr. Gary Cohan has written many articles and lectured throughout the United States regarding AIDS and its treatment, pain management, lipodystrophy syndrome, hormonal and exercise therapies. After serving for 25 years as a practitioner for HIV/AIDS patients, he is now recognized nationally as a leader in HIV-related healthcare and research. Till date, he has treated 2,000 patients with HIV and has been a part of 50 HIV related treatment protocols.

Advancements in Medicine

Gary has also worked as a media advisor for the scientific communities and helped people change their perceptions by providing them accurate information regarding the medical issues in the media. He has also served as the Chief Medical Officer of an international stem cell research company named TotipotentRX and helped them in developing new medical techniques to treat and cure multiple diseases.

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