Facing Technical Issues with your Magento Website? Magento Expert Can Fix it!


As a developer, you’ll come across many technical issues while starting a Magento website. These are common errors easy to tackle if you know the proper process to follow, although some may be a little bit complicated to resolve. But if you have the solution documented, it’s easy to address some of the common problems that most magneto developers encounter. This article will discuss some of the technical issues a magneto developer can provide encouraging and possible solutions.

  • Magneto Developer To Reset Admin Password

Human is to era and thus it common to forget a password at times. If you are a Magento expert and need a quick and easy way to reset Admin Password, here are simple procedures for you: go to MySQL Manager, select your magneto database, and find the admin user table. From there, you can now replace your old password with a new one.

  • Enabling Search Engine Friendly URL in Magneto Website

It’ is an easier way to do it. If you need to enable a friendly search engine URL in Magneto Website, you need to log on to your magnet admin, go to systems>configuration, and click on the web in the left panel. Click in search engine optimization, turn on web servers rewrites, mark as yes, click on save configuration figure, and get your magneto URL enabled.

  • Solving Access Denied Problem

its a problem usually occurs where there is limited permission to access an application or website. A typical scenario for this problem includes incorrect admin login credentials or wrong role assessments while creating a new user. For incorrect logins, credentials in admin panel and tried to sign out and sign in, but nothing fixes it, use command and reset the password. On the other hand, when experiencing the wrong role assessment while creating a new user, if you forget to assign the proper role, go to system>permission>user>click on user role, then correct the access roles.

  • Adding Magneto Contact Form

It is a default feature in magneto, usually at the end of any page.  if you need to add Magneto contact, log into magneto with your account and;

  • on the sidebar, go to store>setting>configuration
  • in left panel general>enable contact>yes
  • then finally, move onto the email option, fill in the required information, and click save the configuration.
  • Adding Contact Us Form in Magneto

Its functionality is included in default settings. All you need to do is linking a contact page to show at the footer of the Magneto store. If you need to add a contact form on any page, log in to admin, go to CMS,>pages, and click on the new page button.


Remember that nothing is perfect, and every application has glitches and errors which can quickly be resolved when the proper procedure is followed. Having read about the common problems, a Magneto expert can experience consistent issues. Before you can proceed with any change in core code, be sure you are very comfortable with the coding environment in Magento. If you can come across these problems, you already know what to do.


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