Faycal Rafiq biography: One of The Best Directors in Beverly Hills, CA

Faycal Rafiq is one of the best boutique directors in Beverly hills C.A., with extensive skills and many business strategies useful in business development. Keep reading to explore much about Faycal Rafiq’s biography

Faycal Rafiq is a multilingual luxury retail professional with experience in business development, operations, sales, and marketing. He was born and raised in Casablanca; Rafiq completed his university education in the U.K. He attained an M.A. in business management. He’s also lived in the USA, France and Spain while maintaining both U.K. and USA citizenship. He’s also a bilingual individual speaking Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, English, Arabic and french. 

Faycal Rafiq has recently served as Boutique Director in Beverly Hills, CA. While playing the boutique director role, he reorganized the store structure and assembled a team dedicated to bolstering the brand within the L.A. market. With all his experience and endeavor, Faycal continues to center himself on building a good reputation as a talented problem solver. He also enjoys promoting the success of stores while improving overall efficiency throughout.

By focusing on his analytical skills and hands-on experience within several retail markets, Faycal Rafiq shares commercial insights and proven strategies to facilitate smooth operations and meet sales.

Faycal combines technical acumen with an entirely collaborative management style for big and small projects. It allows Rafiq to connect with colleagues and vendors at all levels and cultural backgrounds. He also welcomes opportunities to work under pressure and meet deadlines beyond expectations. 

He has also excelled in luxury fashion, jewelry market, and watches in the U.S., the Middle East, and Europe throughout his career. He was a key player in large-scale SAP flagship boutique launches,  integrations,  and pop-up developments. 

Besides these, Faycal also has extensive real estate broking experience of 9 years. Typically, real estate firms and entities are also known as realtors or real estate agents. In 2013 march, 29, Faycal Rafiq was issued a real estate license which is currently active. He also has a real estate license that allows professionals and entities to sell, advertise, auction, rent, or buy real estate properties for compensation, commonly informing if brokerage or commission is negotiable. Faycal Rafiq is still a sole proprietor with the proprietorship name Faycal Rafiq.


Based on Faycal Rafiq’s biography, we can attest to him as a reliable and reputable professional who will open heartily to help all his clients meet their needs beyond satisfaction. He also enjoys spending time with his family and children and swimming, running, and cooking while not at work. 

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