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Did you know your home says a lot about you? by putting a personal touch on paint and furniture, it’s the display art that speaks for you in one way or the other. Sometimes, you often sift through a dozen bathroom tiles or spend much time trying to figure out the suitable granite for your kitchen countertops. But how often do you think of window treatments?

Most people invest much in replacing their windows but protecting them gets pushed aside. You may tend to forget about curtains, shades, and blinds until the sunbeams through your window. Therefore, if you are looking for Custom Window treatments Pineville NC, this post will unveil everything you need to know concerning window treatments. 

Drapery and Customized Window Treatment

With our drapes, you get fresh and modern fabrics available in a wide range of colors, styles, fold sizes, and design options to dress your window in a unique way you’d never imagine.

Customized Drapery: Bring an Elegant Look To Your Window

Our drapery is created with elegant details, mitered corners, double-turned hems, sewn-in liners, and bottom weight. It ensures drapes hang beautifully to give your window an aesthetic and elegant look. If you are yet to treat your window, you have the option to choose from our collection of designed fabrics, including sheers, prints, solids, jacquard, and strips. You can still add a touch of designer style to your decor by coordinating customized window treatments. 

  • Head-Up Your Look: With draped fabric, it’s possible to take a structure of flat profile of classic tab, sturdy pleat, ruched gathers if rod pocket, or modern look of grommets.
  • A Full Line of Liners: A-line full of liners provides body and substance to let your drapes hang more beautifully for that elegant look. 
  • Great Lengths: it frames your window with drapery either falling straight down, puddles on the floor, or hovering near a sill. 

Roman Shades: Window Treatment With a Flair

Concerning Custom Window treatments in Pineville, NC, roman shades allow you to add some touch aesthetic to your window. It adds a soft fold of exquisite fabrics and volume to your room. While making your decision, select a classic flat style for a beautiful and clean look. You can still add grateful dimensions with richly folded waterfalls. 

What’s The Essence of Custom Window Treatment?

Window covering often takes a back seat to things like paint and flooring. When you consider it, it’s usual curtains or stock window blinds from a big-box retailer. Let’s check out the importance of custom window treatments;

  • For precise window measurements
  • For more energy efficiency
  • Getting higher quality artistry
  • Getting customized colors and details


If you can dream about it, we can make it happen regardless of the size and shape of your window. At Custom Window treatments Pineville NC, we guarantee you a precise fit and your choice of a wide selection of designer, durable and beautiful window coverings. It also includes wood blinds, wood shutters, vertical blinds, mini blinds, honeycomb shades, and designer roller shades.

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