Water leakage is not a novel or unique concern for property owners. It has been a universal problem, as have the various repair options to mitigate such issues. If you find yourself in this situation, take a deep breath and relax.

Waterproofing, provides dependable and prompt repair services that are an effective and powerful solution to all of your water leakage concerns and related problems. Our precise PU injection & grouting process services in Sigaporer ensures to efficiently eliminate your premises’ water leakage concerns by injecting polyurethane into the substrate at high pressure and filling cracks and gaps in the substrate with the waterproofing slurry to prevent water seepage. It is a popular waterproofing procedure performed by our expert contractors to repair water leaks, typically through concrete substrates.

With over 10 years of extensive experience in the waterproofing sector and successfully handling several projects, we offer our clientele with world-class services and make their properties leak-free. You can simply rely on waterproofing and its reliable PU injection and grouting services for any of your property’s water leakage problems, whether residential or commercial.

When Do We Need PU Grouting?

Polyurethane is used and substantially effective when there is broken concrete, large holes in walls, gaps in concrete floors, basements, swimming pools, side walls, or even pipelines and sewer lines. These are detected appropriately by waterproofing engineers using a thermal waterproofing approach to provide scientific data to substantiate our PU injection repair procedure.

Steps Conducted To Carry Out PU injection Procedure:

The following are the general steps for doing high-pressure polyurethane injection grouting:

  • Injection port drilling and insertion

Our waterproofing experts will first drill holes into the leakage regions, typically cracks and voids, and then insert and tighten a metal injection port into the cored hole.

  • Protection of work areas

PU grouting is a non-invasive and reasonably clean method of restoration. However, there may be some dust and grout material spills during the process itself. As a result, appropriate shielding with plastic sheets and fabric will be there for protection.

  • Grouting using a high-pressure grouting machine

Our professional will use high-pressure grouting equipment to inject the PU grout into the concrete through the injection ports. Each injection port will be injected twice to ensure adequate protection of the grout material.

  • Removal of injection ports and sealing up

After the grouting and all the procedure is completed, and the grout has cured, all injection ports are removed. Once the injection ports have been removed, the cored holes will be sealed with a waterproof cement mix.

  • Check for any leaks.

With our prompt and timely inspections, We ascertain that there is no additional leaking in the fixed region.

Why Choose PU Grouting Over Other Methods?

When compared to other techniques of waterproofing, PU injection offers several benefits. Polyurethane is a quick-drying resin that dries in less than an hour when it comes into contact with water or moisture. A typical household repair may be accomplished in a single day, resulting in minimal disturbance and inconvenience. Furthermore, PU grouting is a highly efficient and long-lasting means of repairing water leaks. Polyurethane’s high adhesive characteristic allows it to make a very strong connection with concrete or cement surfaces that can persist for many years. In addition, PU injection grouting is a non-invasive, no-hacking way of repair.

No More Concerns About Water Seepage! Waterproofing Makes It Right!

Whether it’s your ceiling, roof, or wall leakage, waterproofing makes it right for you with its best-in-class services and with the assistance of a skilled and experienced man force. We have covered both residential and commercial property water leakage problems and got them done in the best way possible. Making your premises free of water seepage and related concerns and restoring them to their beautiful and alluring frame is what we strive for. Get in touch with us and make yourself available to see how it’s all done most efficiently while accommodating your preferences.


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