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The teeth may also get darker due to an accumulation of surface stains that obscure the normal tooth color or discoloration of the tooth itself. It is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures since it significantly improves the appearance of your teeth. The process of “tooth whitening” can be used to brighten the color of your teeth and aid in removing stains and discoloration. Teeth whitening is a non-invasive dental procedure that helps to change the color of discolored tooth enamel and is an excellent way to improve the brightness of your smile.


Various factors can cause discolored teeth.

You may notice a change in the color of your teeth over time. This discoloration might be due to one or more factors, such as your food (coffee, tea, and soda) and lifestyle (smoking). 

➤ Food & Beverage

Coffee, tea, and red wine are among the most common reasons for tooth staining. Their brightly coloured pigments, known as chromogens, adhere to your tooth’s white outside surface (enamel) and create discolorations or staining.

➤ Tobacco consumption

Tobacco has two substances that cause severe stains on teeth: tar and nicotine. Tar is inherently black, which contributes to staining, but nicotine is colorless until it comes into contact with oxygen. Nicotine reacts with oxygen while smoking and transforms into a yellowish material.

➤ Age

Below the tooth enamel is a softer layer known as dentin, which is more yellow. Our tooth enamel thins over time, allowing more of the yellowish dentin to shine through.

➤ Medications

Some antihistamines, antipsychotics, and blood pressure medicines may cause tooth discoloration as a side effect. Young children that are exposed to medicines such as tetracycline and doxycycline during their childhood, face these problems more frequently. 

Our Services

Since tooth whitening won’t last forever, you’ll need to repeat the process frequently. There are a few methods that assist in teeth whitening, which is now used by the majority of patients. It is done in the clinic, with teeth-whitening toothpaste and various instruments. 

➤ In-Office Teeth Whitening:-

The whitening agent (a hydrogen peroxide gel) is applied to your teeth. In-office teeth whitening takes roughly an hour to cure your teeth. The gum tissues are coated with a thin sheet of rubber or a protective gel to shield the mouth from the peroxide. 

In-office teeth whitening can lighten your teeth much faster and more efficiently than at-home methods.

➤ In-Home Teeth Whitening:-

In-home teeth whitening dental kits are available through your dentist or over the counter. There are several kits available which include lightning strips, trays, lights, rinses, and brushes. They often include peroxide, which acts below the surface to lighten tooth enamel when used regularly over days or weeks.


In-home and In-office teeth whitening might make some people’s teeth more sensitive. This minor side effect often goes away a few days after the whitening treatments are finished. If you’re pregnant, you must avoid this treatment.

Choose “Groot Dental”

In addition to enhancing the inherent beauty of your smile, Groot Dental aims to give you individualized care. The treatments and expert services we usually offer to our patients by a general dentist with a delicate touch are only a few of those that are listed below.

  • Dental root canal
  • Teeth whitening
  • Veneers 
  • Hygienic service

Consequently, you can select us by your needs and utilize our dental treatments for a positive experience.

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