Here’s When You Should Change Your Portable Water Dispenser

portable water dispenser could serve you for up to five years if properly maintained. However, some malfunction can keep occurring, which could be a possible sign that you should consider replacing the water dispenser.


Apart from long time use, other factors can lead to damage to the water dispenser, for example, when your dispenser could be affected by hard water or the valve could be clogged by dirt and if left unattended could result in damages.


Anyway, here are a few things you should know about your dispenser that indicate that it is time for you to replace the machine.


Faulty paddle


When the water dispenser mode is activated on your board, pushing back on the dispenser paddle along with your glass or cup ought to cause the water to flow. If no water is made, the dispenser paddle or switch could also be faulty. You’ll be able to check the switch by merely inserting the two probes of a multimeter on its terminals. It ought to have continuity in one in each of its two positions. However, if this problem persists, then you have a serious issue on your hands.


Faulty valve


If the magnet valve on your icebox is flawed, it’ll stop the water to your water dispenser from activating. If there’s no sound from the magnet after operating the water dispenser, it’s probably faulty. The magnet is found on the rear of the appliance. You must get a reading after you place the meter’s probes on the solenoid’s two terminals. If it shows no continuity, you’ll have to be compelled to replace the magnet valve.




Your water valve might need replacement if water is regularly propelled from the dispenser. If the water pressure to your icebox is just too high, it might even be the matter. If the water valve is faulty, it should merely be that it’s exhausted from use. During this instance, you’ll have to switch the valve to prevent the leak. Unless you’re experienced with these sorts of appliance repairs, it’s best to take the dispenser to a repair shop or change it for good.


Faulty or bad dispenser tube


If your icebox water dispenser looks blocked or is spraying water for dispensing purposes, then the first guess is that the dispenser tube is faulty. There’ll be a little plastic tube that runs from the water line to the in-door dispenser and down into the dispensing assembly. There can also be a plastic tube end-piece wherever the water pours into your glass. Check the complete line for harm, a clog, or a bend within the line. The road may be bent, try and straighten it. If it’s broken or non-functional, replacing the mandatory section of the water line should be the next line of action.




Water is essential for your day-to-day life. This is why it is important to keep a portable water dispenser for clean drinkable water. So if your present dispenser is experiencing one of these faults, then it is best to replace it.




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