How Individuals Can Choose a Good Bankruptcy Attorney

The individuals going through financial hardships are always in the search of ways that can help them to end their miserable situation. To come out of the overwhelming debts accumulated over time, one can file for consumer bankruptcy. Consumer bankruptcy is the most viable option for individuals to get a fresh financial start. Within consumer bankruptcy, an individual has the option to file either for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Under Chapter 7, the major debts of the individual are discharged and some of his/her assets are saved from getting liquidated. Whereas, Chapter 13 require the individual to set up a new repayment plan and make monthly payments to the creditors.

Filing for bankruptcy can be a good decision but understanding the process and completing the paperwork can be daunting. This is where the role of a bankruptcy attorney comes in as he/she can counsel individuals about the process. Moreover, an attorney can assess whether bankruptcy is an ideal option for the individual or not and suggest any other possible alternatives.

Bankruptcy Attorney

A bankruptcy attorney is the one who has expertise in dealing with bankruptcy procedure, documentation, and handling the creditors. For individuals, it is very important to choose a capable bankruptcy attorney who can handle their case efficiently. Taking the reference of a leading bankruptcy attorney in Denver, here are some of the qualities that one should seek while hiring one:

  • Experience

The attorney should have a significant amount of experience in handling bankruptcy cases. Moreover, it is advisable to consider attorneys who specifically deal with consumer bankruptcies.

  • Court Filing Fees

The court filing fee varies with the procedures that are being opted for. Never opt for an attorney who gives fee estimation over the phone without any consultation. Leading attorneys always assess the condition of the case and then quote a reasonable fee.

  • Reputation

It is very important to determine what kind of reputation an attorney has. Individuals can assess the reputation of an attorney on an online portal. In addition, it is also possible to verify with the State Bar to find out whether the considered attorneys have the valid license to practice or if there is any legitimate complaint filed against them.

  • Considerate Towards Clients

The attorney should have the interest to listen to the client’s problems and queries as well. He should be answerable to the client whenever it is necessary. It is important for the attorney to build up a relationship with the client as this can prove as emotional support for the client.

Responsibilities of an Attorney

Choosing the best bankruptcy attorney in Denver can become an easy task. The only thing that one has to assess that if he/she fulfills the following responsibilities:

  • Make sure that their clients are treated fairly during the entire period of the legal process
  • Ensure that the details of the case are confidential
  • To make the client aware of the debt types that cannot be discharged
  • Should give legal advice to clients on how to present themselves during the court sessions

By keeping in mind these qualities and responsibilities, one can easily hire a bankruptcy attorney who is reliable and skilled enough to handle his/her case.

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