How Special Claims Services NYC do Travel Insurance Claim Investigations?

Travel insurance claim fraud is a very common example of Insurance claim fraud because millions of tourists visit around the world. Moreover, the travel insurance claim is one of the toughest claims to prove legitimacy. The insurance companies have made strict criteria to curb fake travel insurance claims, but people worldwide have many ideas to create stories and even have many sources to prove it. There are plenty of common scams out there like pretending you lost an expensive piece of jewelry, being hospitalized while on tour, sudden accidents, and much more ideas. Although there are many small difficulties tackling such claims, special claims services NYC are professionals and know how to tackle such situations.


Many individuals are taking out travel insurance as a bid to file false claims on their policy; several fake reasons are regularly filed to obtain financial gains. In the Travel Insurance Claim cases, the reliability of the causes shouldn’t depend upon the reasons presented by the insured. Special claims services NYC start their investigations from the cause roots till the end, and their strategy behind the detection of fraudulent Travel claims is to know all possible evidence of the claim. Therefore, they know all the facts behind the reliable travel claim, which includes:

  • Hospitalization details, interviews with doctors
  • Find out the precise incident that happened
  • Obtain comprehensive statements and witnesses
  • Injury and accident claims
  • Inquiries with hotels, tour operators, airlines, travel agents, and local police forces
  • Descriptive analysis of Loss of valuables (e.g., laptops, cameras, and other valuable items)

Special claims services NYC, the professional claim investigators, deal with each case on high priority and satisfy the clients to their best capabilities. The presence of travel insurance fraud will always be present in the marketplace. The fraud claimers will always try to dupe with their sophisticated ideas schemes from different angles by presenting the fraudulent claim to the insurers. The insurers are quite alert and try to improve their processes and look for new tools to help fight fraud. They feature services that can provide you with many different strategies to fight fraud throughout the Insurance industry.


The travel claim investigators have the expertise to provide all kinds of travel insurance claim investigation services. They detect fraud and identify fraudsters who file fake claims to get benefits from their fake travel insurance claim. In addition, they try to recover losses from insurance companies that are unreal or fabricated. Special claims services NYC at claim investigators have successfully solved numerous fake claims through the skilled investigators’ in-depth investigation techniques. Even though travel claims are difficult to detect and tackle, the investigators and experts have complete knowledge and exposure to handle travel claim investigations for insurers. When you want to know the hard facts about travel insurance claims, including all the factors such as; Loss of laptop, cameras or items over $1000, theft claim, injury claim, etc., they can locate witnesses, conduct necessary investigations, and complete details about the case.

They assure you of providing the best travel claim insurance investigative services at your doorstep at economical prices. The team of claim investigators is well equipped with the latest gadgets, and their experience takes care of the rest.

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