How to care your vehicle’s engine for the best performance

Being attentive to your car’s needs is key to enjoying ownership, and there’s a lot the average driver can do to maintain their vehicle. By caring for your current car, you can avoid headaches and the need to acquire a new one. Preventing something can save you money on treatment. Preventative maintenance saves money and prevents equipment malfunctions. No one likes to be stranded in a storm at night.

Maintenance: Oil Change – 

Changing the oil in your automobile regularly is one of the best things you can do for its engine. The engine oil prevents the engine from overheating by lubricating moving engine elements. If you want to know how often you should replace your oil, the manufacturer suggests looking in the owner’s manual. velvex is one of the best engine oil manufacturers in India

Take care of the AC system – 

Verify the efficiency of the vehicle’s cooling system, as it plays a vital role in maintaining the engine’s temperature. If you drive a car, especially in the summer, you should periodically check the coolant level. Overheating the machine might cause serious harm if the cooling system fails.

Adjust the air filter – 

An air filter is installed to keep dangerous particles out of the engine. It also aids in directing the cool, uncontaminated air the engine requires to keep running as designed. Avoid having dust and debris join your engine by keeping the air filter clean.

Fuel filter replacement – 

The fuel filter functions similarly to the air filter, preventing foreign objects from entering the engine and inflicting costly damage.

Never dismiss the warnings of the “check engine” light – 

Be cautious about getting your car checked out as soon as possible if the “check engine” light turns on. The engine could suffer severe and costly damage if left unattended. Also, you need to know what the various warning lights on the dashboard signify. It can be accomplished by reading the car’s owner’s manual.

Inspecting Tire Shock Absorbers – 

It’s crucial to your safety on the road that your car’s tires always have the proper air. Only your tires make contact with the road, or more accurately, only your tires should contact the road. Either over or underinflated, tires might reduce the vehicle’s traction and stability. The only reliable method of monitoring this is using a quality pressure gauge. Either a basic analog unit or a battery-operated digital display unit will do the job for very little money.


Your car’s engine is complex and expensive. If you treat the car well, you’ll earn a good return when you sell it. Maintaining your car’s engine regularly will prolong its life. Following the above instructions can assure a long engine life and save you a tonne of money by eliminating the need for costly maintenance, replacement parts, and repairs. You should choose high-quality engine oil like velvex is one of the best engine oil manufacturers in India. 


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