How to Choose the Right Oil for Your Car Engine

Are you looking for the best place to buy car engine oil online? Then you are in the right place. That is because Velvex has got you covered. There are several factors to consider when buying car engine oil. Those factors will help you decide which oil is the best to buy. It is essential that you know what the different types of engine oil do. Some of those factors include;


1. Viscosity of the engine oil


The viscosity of the engine oil is one of the factors that determine its effectiveness. That is because a higher viscosity means better lubrication of the engine. That is why people prefer engine oils with high viscosity. On the other hand, low viscosity means poor lubrication of the engine. That is why people prefer engine oils with low viscosity.


2. Car manufacturer and the series


Different car manufacturers usually use different oils for the engines. The engine oils for the various vehicles are different from each other. They perform differently, too. For example, some engine oils perform better in cold weather while others perform better in hot weather. That is why different car manufacturers usually use different types of engine oils. However, they typically use the same types of engine oils for the other series of cars they manufacture. Different engine oils are used for various engines.


3. The type of engine


The different engine types include diesel, gasoline, and four-cycle engines. All of them need engine oils. Other types of engine oils are required for various engines.


4. Engine performance


The quality of the engine oil also determines how it will perform in the engine. That is because the quality of the engine oil will determine how effective the engine oil is. That is why looking for a good quality engine oil is essential. You can damage your engine if you do not buy quality engine oil.


5. Type of engine oil


There are two main types of engine oil: conventional engine oil and synthetic engine oil. 

Synthetic engine oils have replaced traditional engine oils. Most car manufacturers are now using synthetic engine oil. Conventional engine oil is no longer being used. Synthetic engine oil can protect engines and prevent the engine from getting damaged. That is why synthetic engine oil is becoming the new trend. If you are looking for new engine oil, you can find it in most auto parts stores. You can also get it online.


6. Oil standards


Lastly, the oil standards is another essential factor to consider when buying engine oil. Engine oil standards are required by law. Before buying engine oil, you should look into the engine oil standards.


These standards are set by the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) and the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE). These two organizations determine the standard of engine oil.


They set the specifications for the oil that is used in cars. There are three main levels of oil standards. 

These include the standard for conventional engine oil, synthetic engine oil, and maximum level. Regarding the top level, synthetic engine oil has the highest grade. The maximum level allows the synthetic engine oil to protect engines for 20,000 miles.




In conclusion, buying the right engine oil online is a good idea. Synthetic oil can provide your car with long-lasting protection. The good thing about synthetic engine oil is that it doesn’t contain lead and zinc. It does not increase your vehicle’s emissions much as conventional engine oil. You should purchase synthetic oil from velvex today and care for your car.

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