How To Configure VPN on iPhone

Are you an iphone owner? Did you know configuring a VPN on an iphone is much easier than you would think? Keep reading to learn bit by bit.

If you are worried that someone can reveal your identity, you have every reason to install VPN  services on your iphone. If your workplace has a private intranet that needs access while on the road, you often use public wifi or need your phone to think you are still in your home country, VPN for an iphone wil help you. Read on how you can configure VPN on an iphone. Before you proceed, you need to understand what is this VPN 

  • What is VPN

It’s a virtual private network that helps keep your data safe from online hackers and identity thieves. It works by concealing your Ip address while granting you unrestricted access to content that you love. Note that as your data is transferred to and fro between your computer or device and website services you are using, there are high chances of your information being distracted. You are not guaranteed safety even if the website is secure, but VPN free adds an extra layer of protection to your internet connection. 

  • Before You Start

Since you know you can use VPN on your iphone, the first thing you need to do is pick service providers and install its app on your selection. We recommend you go for one that’s easy to install and use, affordable, has excellent customer support, and first and reliable internet connection. 

  • Configuring VPN on iphone

The easiest way to install and set up a VPN for an iphone is through VPN service providers. But firstly, check out some of the best VPN deals, then sign up for those excellent services. Once done, install the relevant app into your iphone, then open it and sign up into your account.

After you are done with the initial signing-in process, you’ll receive prompts to permit the app and add VPN configuration into your iphone. Tap allows, and the VPN will configure into your phone automatically. 

You’ll then receive prompts to enter your facelock, passcode,  or touch id to allow changes in your VPN settings.  

Once your VPN is enabled, you are good to go. You cn select it and connect anytime you wish to without the need to open the app again. you can use the app to adjust settings and  change your location 

One by One Steps in Configuring VPN on iphone

  • Start by launching setting on your device home screen
  • Then tap general
  • Select VPN, but if you have more than one, select the one you need to use
  • Toggle the status on switch on

Once done using the  VPN, follow the instructions above and turn it off. Always remember to turn your VPN off, especially when you are on a free plan. 


With all the quick and straightforward guides on configuring VPN for iphone and its availability on the apple store,  you have every reason to get it installed on your device and get started. It will help you in keeping your internet connection private and secure. 

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