How To Get ATA-Certified Translation Services?

ATA-certified translation services have been through an extensive and rigorous certification process.

ATA-certified translation services are essential for businesses of all sizes. Not only do they provide quality translations, but they also offer a range of other services, such as interpretation and localization.

If you’re looking to get a certification like this, you’ll need to be prepared to invest the time and money necessary.

This article will outline everything you need to know to get started.

What is an ATA-certified translation service?

An ATA-certified translation services provider is a professional translator who has received the certification from the American Translators Association (ATA).

The certification proves that the translator has met specific requirements in terms of education, experience and proficiency in the language they are translating. This ensures that their translations will be accurate and meet the high-quality standards set by the ATA.

There are several reasons to choose an ATA-certified translator when looking for a translation service.

  • First, certification shows that the translator is experienced and qualified in their field.
  • Second, using an ATA-certified translator means you can be sure your translation will be correct and compliant with international standards.
  • Finally, finding an ATA-certified translator means you can be sure your money will go towards high-quality translational work.
 ATA-certified translation services
ATA-certified translation services

Ways to find an ATA-certified translation services

This certification is offered by the American Translators Association (ATA). To be considered for certification, a translation company must meet stringent standards, including professional experience, quality of work, and adherence to ethical practices.

You can search online or contact your local ATA chapter if you need a translator who meets the ATA certification requirements. Many Translation Spectrum clients use ATA-certified translators because they know their translations will be of the highest quality.

How to get ATA-certified translation services?

When it comes to translations, you want to be sure that what you’re getting is certified. ATA (American Translators Association) certification is among the most respected in the industry and comes with many benefits.

Here are four ways to get an ATA certification:


  1. Take the ATA Certification Exam. The first step is to take an ATA certification exam. This will give you a benchmark of your current skills and also help you measure your progress as you learn more about translation. There are three different versions of the test: written, oral, and computer-based.


  1. Earn an ATA Certificate in Translation from an International Educator Programmes (IEP). If you don’t want to take the full exam, earning an ATA translation certificate from an IEP program is another option. These programs typically require 12 credit hours or more and include courses on all aspects of translation – from theory to practice.


  1. Complete an Internship or Volunteer Translation Programme. Another way to gain experience with translation is through an internship or volunteer programme. These programmes often include supervised translation projects that give you valuable real-world experience translating documents and communications into other languages.


  1. Attend a Translation Workshop or Training Course Certified by the ATA Institute for Professional Competence in Translation (ATAI PCT). The best way to increase your knowledge of translation techniques is by attending


If you are looking for an ATA-certified translation services provider, your best bet is to contact an ATA member organization. ATA is the largest translation association in the world and has a network of over 10,000 certified translators in over 150 countries.

ATA also has a certification program that can help ensure that your translations are of the highest quality. Once you have completed the certification process, your translations will be marked with an ATA seal of approval. This will give you peace of mind knowing that you are working with qualified professionals who know the standards required for certification.

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