How United Aid Group Help With Your Student Loan Debt.

United Aid Group is a document processing company that aims at consolidating, forgiving, and making repayment plan changes for Student Aid Group student loan borrowers. There are over 15 methods of loan repayments, each of them having its requirements that ensure acceptance into a newer repayment program. However, it may be difficult for you to get approved for these repayment programs. Therefore think about these processes as you’d do for a tax preparation company. you’d be able to complete your taxes like you’d be able to complete your consolidation

The very different things that come into play would help you have a professional on your side for assistance. The United aid group, in this case, understands your repayment options and knows that once you’ve borrowed money for college, the hard part begins with repaying your debt. They have students loans expertise, extensive knowledge, experience and in-depth training with one goal in mind. The main objective is to direct and give you cancelling where needed before determining repayment option is in your best interest. here are the popular repayment options 

  • Repayment in full

It’s the most popular and straightforward option but not possible for some students. However, it’s the least selected option as borrowers don’t have enough money to pay off their entire student loan balance in one fell swoop. The benefit of students considering this repayment option is that they’ll instantly get out of their student loan debt entirely.

  • Student Loan Consolidation

It’s the second most popular option to get out of default. It consists of you paying off one or more of your federal student loans with a new federal consolidation loan. Then select your loan servicer once you consolidate. It stops consolidation from coming after you, provided you make your payments.

  • Student Loan Rehabilitation

It’s an option that requires you to contact your loan holder to begin the process. For successful rehabilitation of your federal direct or FFEL loans, you have to agree in writing to make nine reasonable and affordable monthly payments within 20 days of the due date and make all nine payments for ten consecutive months. In cases where the amount is high, you can negotiate for lower payments depending on your financial state.

Get Loan Discharge and Forgiveness In 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Review Your Forgiveness Eligibility

Start by checking if you are eligible for forgiveness, lower payments or discharge. it usually takes about 15 mins

Step 2:  Select The Best Option

If you are eligible, you’ll be guided on multiple programs to choose from 

Step 3: Prepare And Submit All Documentation

After selecting your preferred program, prepare and submit all documents guided by United Aid group staff. 

What are the benefits of students loans 


If you want financial freedom, The United Aid Group promises you the best services to meet your expectations. They’ll assist you professionally and build a long-lasting relationship with you. However, Student Aid Group is not a loan servicer. It does not provide debt relief services, including renegotiating, settling, or altering the terms of payment or debt.

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