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We are the industry leaders in the design and manufacture of pasteurizer & sterilizing equipment, as well as small-scale pasteurizers and aseptic processors. Quite perhaps, the equipment you use daily was created or manufactured with the help of MicroThermics. It might be anything from medicine to a sweet treat or a substitute for the main course. We collaborate with our firm MTI BioScience to create marketable extracts of cannabinoids like CBD and help develop liquid cannabis goods like drinks.

Why Do Businesses Hire Us? Since we help businesses save costs, boost productivity, and speed up the introduction of new goods to the market. Every htst pasteurizer service and item our customers get is of the greatest quality. To this end, we use cutting-edge manufacturing methods, ongoing programs to enhance product quality, and a hard-working staff of experts.


Winner Of The Industrial Achievement Award From The Institute Of Food Technology

MicroThermics was recognized for its fully automated, laboratory-scaled UHT/HTST Direct-Indirect Process System (DIP). The process simulator system may achieve improved food product quality, safety, and efficiency.

It also shortens the time it takes to bring a new product to market and lowers the costs associated with its development, manufacture, and processing. Small-scale manufacturing machinery is also available from us for high-quality, low-quantity items. Through its sister firm, MTI BioScience, LLC, MicroThermics aids in the creation of various cannabidiol (CBD) oil-infused edibles and drinks.

We can easily scale up or down your UHT, HTST, small-batch sterilizer machine, or Aseptic processes to meet your needs. Our thermal process simulation approaches, tools, and architectures make it simple and accurate to model the whole manufacturing procedure. As a result, our customers may move swiftly from research and development in the lab to production and distribution in the marketplace. Our layout includes specialized components like in-line homogenizers, deaerators, and sterile product outputs. MicroThermics’s future endeavors will be concentrated on these burgeoning markets. We shall cooperate in line with the policy above declarations and will be keeping an eye on legal permissions to ensure we comply with all laws.

Many other methods exist, each with advantages and disadvantages that may or may not work for your product. The properties of your product and your desired storage and shelf life considerations should guide your choice of processing settings. Learn more about each step by clicking on the corresponding icon. If you use a MicroThermics system, you may subject your goods to various thermal treatments. Also, if you have questions about which solutions could work best for your goods, contact a MicroThermics rep.

MTI Bioscience, a subsidiary of MicroThermics, is an expert in continuous thermal processing for industries other than the food and beverage industries. Pasteurization and sterilization are areas of specialty for MTI Bioscience, and the company has worked with cell culture mediums, medicines, topicals, and biofuels. No matter what your research or manufacturing requirements are, MTI Bioscience can help you develop, validate, and execute a continuous thermal process.

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