Ignite International, Ltd Under Joint Venture With MMS To Introduce Ignite Distribution, LLC: Zachary Bader

Ignite International, Ltd— a global super-premium CBD and cannabis consumer packaged goods company, has announced their recent news of signing a partnership deal with MMS Distribution, LLC for CBD Products in the US to distribute CBD products in the United States. MMS Distribution, LLC has famously known as a renowned and leading company in distributing -cig products and vapes to a nationwide wholesale, c-store, smoke shop, and retail operators.

Under the joint agreement form, ignite International, Ltd and MMS Distribution, LLC runs a company called, Ignite Distribution, LLC with corporate operations in Delaware. This partnership will grant them access to brand recognition associated with the Ignite trademark, and it will also continue serving as the Company’s fulfillment partner on its existing e-commerce platform.

This new venture intends to utilize valuable assets, and it will allow an introduction of Ignite branded products to the US CBD market. Jim McCormick, CEO of Ignite International, Ltd, welcomes MMS Distribution, LLC to their family of companies with the formation of the joint partnership agreement. Combining Ignite’s high level of brand awareness with MMS’s experience of extensive growth on CBD products, they’ll be bullish on their joint venture business outlook. 

The Managing Partner at MMS Distribution, Zach Bader, also sees an opportunity in the US CBD market today. It will allow a dominant brand such as Ignite to emerge that rises above the potential competitors and serve consumers at a national level through its nationwide solid distribution and network of retailers. 

About Ignite International, Ltd.

Dan Bilzerian founded Ignite international, based in Los Angeles, California, spanning a wide variety of CBD and cannabis products. They managed to build the world’s first global super-premium cannabis lifestyle brand. They distribute their CBD products online nationwide and in dispensaries across California and Nevada. Ignite delivers at the highest level and builds on the foundation that trust and quality matter considering their packaging and branding. 

MMS Distribution, LLC.

It is an American-owned and operated wholesale distribution company based in New York, New York. It’s renowned for over 18 years of business operations, and it makes it a trusted provider for major c-store chains, cash & carry wholesalers, independent distributors, and jobbers nationwide. MMS has exclusive rights to distribute products direct from manufacturers and a national reach of over 25,000 retail locations. 


 Ignite Distribution LLC is a lifestyle brand providing CBD products made from premium-quality ingredients. Therefore, The USA CBD Expo will showcase the newest wellness trend, thereby raising the popularity across the globe at the Miami Convention Center, Florida, and Miami beach. According to Zachery Bader, it will give them a perfect platform for us to unveil our relationship with Ignite while anticipating meeting new buyers,  retailers, and prospective buyers looking to learn more about Ignite Distribution LLC.

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