Informational facts you should know about Immigration Services

When it comes to immigration, misperceptions about fundamental aspects of this critical topic persist. 


For most green card holders, becoming citizens of the United States is the next natural step, particularly if they want to remain in the country for an extended period. 


Immigration services in the United States come with several unknown facts to green cardholders, and U.S. immigration lawyers can help you know these.


Some of the facts about Immigration Services


You cannot be deported to your country


You will not be deported to your country of origin or nationality if you have previously had that citizenship or nationality. 


You will be entitled to the same rights as any other American to live and work in the United States of America. 


If you are arrested and charged with a crime in the future, you will be permitted to remain in the United States. 


You can travel anywhere with a U.S. passport


You will be able to travel with one of the most potent passports available anywhere on the globe. 


With a U.S. passport, you may travel to more than 180 countries for short-term excursions without the need for a visa, take as many trips abroad as you want for as long as you want, and request help from the local U.S. embassy in the event of a disaster or other emergency overseas.


You will be eligible for government benefits


You may be eligible for government benefits that are only accessible to citizens of the United States. 


When you become a naturalized citizen, you will have full access to some government benefits programs, such as federal college aid, that are exclusively accessible to citizens of the United States.


You don’t have to deal with paperwork


You no longer have to cope with the hassles of dealing with immigration papers with U.S. immigration lawyers. You won’t have to renew your green card or pay any immigration filing costs due to this. Additionally, you will not be required to inform USCIS every time you relocate.


You will have the right to vote in any election in the United States. 


Only citizens of the United States are eligible to vote in federal elections. Non-citizens are only permitted to vote in some municipal elections. 


● You will have to submit taxes


You must submit income tax returns in the United States for the rest of your life, no matter where you reside. Even if you are a citizen of the United States and live overseas, you must submit income tax returns in the United States.


● You can serve in the military


You may be called upon to serve in the military. However, military service that was required by law and enforced through the draught was formally abolished in 1973. If you are reinstated, though, you can be called up to serve your country.


● You can serve as a jury


You may be asked to serve on a jury. When a judicial process is being conducted in the United States, jury service is required. If you are called, you must appear, but you are not required to serve if you are not selected. 


To serve on the jury, only those who the court and lawyers choose after being called will be allowed to do so. 


There are plenty of facts and benefits that you can get through immigration services. You should contact the appropriate U.S. immigration lawyer to assist you and guide you through the same. 

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