Jack Kavanaugh named Chairman of Ireland’s Orbsen Therapeutics

Jack Kavanaugh prepared his career in healthcare after earning a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Dr. Kavanaugh enrolled at the UCLA School of Dentistry, where he focused his studies on general and reconstructive dental medicine as well as gnathology. He has worked in mergers and acquisitions with a former partner who had been managing director / senior partner at McKenzie International. Jack Kavanaugh has helped commercialize numerous health related and other technologies. His interests extend to the developing energy field Jack kavanaugh co-founded Nanotech Energy, Inc., he has licensed from U.C.L.A. leading supercapacitor intellectual property that can markedly expand the high-speed storage and delivery technology of energy at much higher rates than currently available.
Jack-KavanaughJack Kavanaugh relationship with U.C.L.A. has also resulted in the creation of SuperMetalix, Inc., which has exclusively licensed the intellectual property behind the creation of super hard metals more than twice as hard as carbide. Jack Kavanaugh previously worked in PreCash. He served on the board of PreCash, a telecommunications and financial services company. Jack founded Amerident, a health care service provider which was honored with over 30 community service awards and a state congressional medal of honor for its work with infants. Under his tenure, Jack managed successfully is the Mexican merger of the U.S. based pharmaceutical company, Merck and the merger that created Cemex, one of the largest cement companies in the world. He was member of the board of Materia, a company that holds more than 300 patents and is instrumental in the production of over 100 pharmaceutical products. Dr. Jack Kavanaugh went on to lead fundraising for the company as it commercialized Grubbs’ technology to produce state-of-the art resins and metathesis catalysts. In past two decades Jack Kavanaugh has done significant work in medical and science technology firms. His expertise lends companies to developed and managed creating industry-leading products and investor profits.

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