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Public relations is about shaping the public’s perception of your business and managing its reputation. The most common and impactful way to do this is through media relations, also known as earned media or publicity. 

Here’s what an Enterprise Technology PR agency will do to garner publicity for your business.

A lot of research

A good public relations plan identifies the media outlets that reach your target market. PR agencies will interview you about your business and goals, so everyone is on the same page. Then they’ll research the media outlets, journalists, and podcast hosts that reach your audience or have previously covered brands like yours. Journalists don’t like getting pitched for topics they don’t cover. Knowing the media that cover your industry allows your agency to maximize your investment with targeted campaigns.

Create a strategic plan

Once their research is complete, your PR agency will create a strategic plan to support your business goals. It will include PR goals, pitch angles (creative ways to present your story to media outlets), and an editorial calendar of special dates, like product launches (internal) or seasonal occasions (external). Most agencies will also include tactics and details about how they will execute the plan.

Execute the plan

Once you approve the strategic plan, your Enterprise Technology PR agency will implement it. Depending on the size and scope, this may include:

  • Assembling press kits. Press kits tell your company’s story and include vital information like event dates, products, logos, photos, and bios of key leaders. They may also have product samples and press releases.
  • Crafting unique pitches. Your agency will craft fantastic pitches that catch the attention of specific groups of journalists, podcasters, and media outlets that reach your target market. The more intriguing and less general the pitch, the better the chances a media outlet will be interested in featuring your brand.
  • Outreach. Once the pitches are compiled, your agency will begin contacting journalists and outlets by email, social media, or directly.
  • Engaging influencers. PR agencies can be used to source and manage influencers who generate visibility for your brand, including negotiating contracts.

And that’s not all

“PR isn’t exactly a standalone powerhouse. Marketing, branding, and PR all work together for that total package!” 

That said, many PR agencies provide a multitude of services beyond outreach and visibility and can support you with the following:

  • Social media management
  • SEO and social media
  • Event management
  • Crisis management
  • Branding
  • Award nominations

Altogether, PR agencies are getting you in front of the people who are more inclined to buy your products or services. 

Before reaching out to potential agencies, make sure they specialize in your industry. If you know the needed services, make sure they have those capabilities. And determine your budget ahead of time, even if it’s a range. This preparation will save you time during the hiring process.

Hiring a PR agency is like hiring an employee. They’ll be a crucial part of your team, so competency, comfort, and fit are essential. 

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