Laasya Sudhakar Palicha: Tips on How To Improve Your Writing Skills

Laasya Sudhakar Palicha is a renowned brand management leader with over 15 years of customer experience, Sales Operations, Enablement, and Data-driven leadership strategy with an unsurpassed work ethic. She has a track record for successfully increasing sales,  increasing productivity, streamlining processes, and reducing costs working with startups and global corporations. She is a skilled relationship manager who can establish C-level relationships and navigate difficult conversations.

Laasya is also known as a skilled writer who uses his skills to create a collection of stories, experiences, and ideas that make a difference. She, therefore, shares writing tips that will help in skills perfection.

  • Be Direct in your writing.

Be clear and concise since filler words, like unnecessary adverbs and prepositional phrases, take up space and weigh a sentence down.

  • Choose your words wisely.

Since there are many ways to construct sentences, you can also use different words to convey the same ideas. Always consider the simpler words and familiar vocabulary instead of lofty words from the English language. It will be direct and easier for all readers to understand.

  • Short sentences are more powerful than long sentences

Wordy sentences may make a story lose stream and become harder to comprehend. Avoid packing too much into one line. Write each sentence with one idea or thought.

  • Consider short paragraphs

Write short and manageable paragraphs consisting of sentences that support the same idea. It will make your paragraphs easier to comprehend and create a visually appealing layout on the page.

  • Use a natural, conversational tone.

Writing skills relies on your unique voice. Communicate in your comfort zone. Share your ideas from your original thoughts and voice while avoiding cliches.

  • Always use the active voice.

The active voice and adherence to subject-verb-object sentence structure. It’s considered the most direct path to making a point. Using passive voice might be Grammarly correct but creates long, complex sentences and is a weaker way of presenting the information.

  • Review and edit your work.

Before handing over your story to a professional editor, proofread your draft. Tighten your writing, check your sentence structure and word choice, and hone your voice to improve your style.


Many writing styles incorporate simple words, short sentences, and straightforward language that engages readers. Therefore according to Laasya Sudhakar Palicha, these writing tips will help you preserve your unique authorial tone. It will also improve your writing style with deliberate sentence structure and usage choices.

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