Learn Spanish In Amazon Jungle

Do you want to learn Spanish in amazon jungle? No one said you couldn’t pick up Spanish everywhere you went. In Ailola Quito, we’ve been meeting that problem head-on for over a decade with our innovative Traveling Classroom initiative. Travel to the Andes, the Amazon, and even the Galapagos Islands on one of our many exciting itineraries. Now is the time to go after your wandering lecture hall in Ecuador.

What’s Your Deal With Us?

Are you interested in attending the top Spanish language school available? Although we at Ailola Quito don’t intend to oversell ourselves, you may get the impression that we think our language institute is the greatest in Ecuador. Alright, let’s try it out!

We’re The Only Institution In All Of Ecuador Offering Year-Round Education

A national presence is necessary for the top Spanish school in Ecuador. We’re ahead of the game with seven different places to learn Spanish: permanent schools in Otavalo and Quito, our Traveling Classroom program in the Amazon rainforest, and a typical Ecuadorian hacienda. The best part is that you’re free to combine different areas.

Study Spanish In The Unique Setting Of The Galapagos

Exactly how far can you travel if you use Ailola Quito? We’re down on the Galapagos beaches amid the enormous tortoises that live to be over a hundred years old. Yep! We are the only Spanish school in Ecuador to provide classes in this magnificent marine park on the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. Looking for a lesson in the Galapagos?

30+ Years Of Experience As A Spanish Teacher

We’ve ruled this jungle for twenty years straight. We were the first institution in Ecuador to pair Spanish classes with possibilities to conduct volunteer work abroad, and we continue to be a leader in the field. We also pioneered mobile classrooms and brought Amazon jungle-themed educational programs to Ecuador. What if our school were the greatest in all of Ecuador? If you still need to convince, read on.

Volunteering In A Way That No One Else Has Before

The top institution of higher learning in Quito might be improved upon by what? Possibilities for volunteer work, of course! We’re here to facilitate your service across Ecuador, from the Amazon to the slums of Quito, and we have 25 years of expertise in volunteering. At Ailola Quito, we continually add new relationships throughout the NGO community. Learn more by contacting us right now!

The Utmost Dedication To Satisfying Customers

Want the most value for your money? Do you need outcomes in Spanish? Here at Ailola Quito, we are focused on you and your success. Our dedicated team is available around the clock through our toll-free hotline, and we strive to increase client satisfaction at all times. Aside from a varied and adaptable selection of Spanish classes, we also provide help with visas, volunteer placements, and legal and medical concerns.


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