Lincoln And Morgan Identify The Secured Assets, Find Them, And Recover Them

Lincoln and Morgan provide services for business mediation and UCC lien enforcement. We are experts in this field and can thus provide the best possible recovery of the secured assets and negotiate releases of liens wherever feasible. Instead of resorting to collateral surrender, the parties can reach an agreement via mediation. Every conceivable course of action is investigated thoroughly to achieve the best result. Before making a final decision on enforcement, we look at all viable options. When we require a local presence, we can rely on our nationwide network of highly skilled credit rights lawyers. 


They may mediate and pursue legal action to reclaim the collateral if required. It is essential to have a strong national and local presence to overcome the hurdles presented by any individual site, and this invaluable resource provides us with both. Each collateral inquiry receives our one-of-a-kind, individualized attention. To locate, examine, and value the collateral we have obtained, we have teamed up with the greatest asset locators in the country. This allows us to take swift action and protect the collateral.


In comparison to more conventional approaches, our prices are far lower. In each case involving the execution of a UCC lien, we conduct thorough and exhaustive financial investigations. All parties, including the business and any guarantors, landlords, or successor businesses, are included. This equips us with the wisdom and certainty to conduct any necessary ancillary inquiries. After notifying the lien holder of any differences in the borrower’s financial documentation, the lien holder may decide what course of action to take next.


The Catch: Tracking Down and Enforcing a Uniform Commercial Code Lien


The main benefit of holding a secured commercial lien is having the full value of the pledged assets as collateral secured by the security agreement and proven by the UCC Lien. The specific items of secured collateral that are being pledged are listed in the security agreement. When the financing arrangement reaches the point of default, and the receiver still refuses to turn up the secured collateral, a problem arises. Commercial loanees routinely only succeed with properly relinquishing the collateral that was pledged. They will frequently instead opt to keep, remove, or even sell the secured collateral without permission to avoid the UCC Lien holder and their rights to the collateral. The debtor’s unlawful and purposeful avoidance increases the expense and complexity of protecting the lien holder’s interest in the pledged collateral.


The Answer: Track Down and Recover the Stolen Valuables


We are experts in locating, identifying, and enforcing Commercial UCC Liens and Secured Assets. Lincoln and Morgan have put a lot of effort into building a system of investigators, asset finders, expert lawyers, and local enforcement officers that works throughout the country. We are the best in the country in finding and identifying the pledged collateral quickly and safely. Once we have recovered the assets, we will work carefully with local and regional resellers, wholesalers, and auctioneers to ensure we get the most money possible when selling the items. For the holder of a UCC Lien, the best way to protect their investment and maximize their return is to take reasonable care of the collateral and sell it for as much as possible.


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