Melissa Brown

👋 Hey, I’m Melissa Brown.

Currently leading a team of 10+ Brand Managers at SelfMade. We help E-commerce Entrepreneurs grow their businesses through online marketing.

🦋 Exercising a combination of marketing, coaching, customer success and scalability, I get to contribute value using all of my varied skills. And I love that.

💡 I bring a self-studied understanding of psychology and human behavior, practiced empathic communication and public speaking, and an innately diverse set of skills and perspective — traveling the world for a couple years has something to do with it, my curiosity, copious extracurriculars and drive to create are a big part of it too.

👥 A people person through and through, collaborating and building towards a shared vision together is key for me. I evangelize everything I love and am always strategizing ways to make things better.

When I’m not working, I’m shifting perspectives to help people live better via my passion project Smiles of Humanity, coaching people through maximizing their college and career potential via resumes, strategy and application essays, writing about personal development and food, or going to speaking events — as a speaker or a listener.

Recent notable achievements:

👰 Officiated 2 friends’ weddings in Cancun & LA!

🌎 Traveled around the world for 1 year with Remote Year – March 2016 (you might see me in FB ads) 👀

🗣️ Presented as the keynote speaker for conferences on topics including self-care, college & career strategy, and personal marketing.

🍽 In the top 4% of writers on TripAdvisor — mostly about food.

🏆 Featured as a Top Writer on Medium for personal development, self-improvement, travel, inspiration, and life lessons.

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