Michael Merisier Junior: Essential Skills Entrepreneurs Should Have

As much as entrepreneurship is well known for its most significant reward, it also tends to be stressful and involves risky investments. These days, more people are venturing into entrepreneurship with a vision of starting their own companies.

The first step while venturing into entrepreneurship is getting ready to lose or wining. When getting started, a startup’s success relies on the lifestyle and work ethic of the entrepreneur. Concerning entrepreneurship, Michael Merisier Junior, founder of Luxury Rental Bae, is among the individuals who’ve invested much time learning much in the field before becoming successful. He interacted with great mentors who taught him that you are dying if you are not growing as a human. Therefore he shares essential skills every budding entrepreneur can learn to increase their chances of success.

  • Resolute Motivation and Passion

Firstly, an entrepreneur should have a passion for achieving his entrepreneurial objectives. Form passion and motivation in entrepreneurs’ minds, they’ll start taking action while learning new tasks to achieve their goals. Encouragement will keep steam up an entrepreneurial mindset for entrepreneurs to keep hope and overcome an obstacle to reach their goals.

  • Focus

Successful entrepreneurship tends to have ups and downs. It calls for an excellent entrepreneur to stay focused and concentrate on maneuvering problematic situations. Its also regarded as a goal-oriented approach, and therefore there’s a need to remain focused to oversee the ultimate goal and push themselves to achieve it.

  • Risk-taking ability

While venturing into entrepreneurship, not that it involves risk-taking moves. Entrepreneurs should have demonstrated the ability to take more significant risks to achieve their goals. However, not all risk-takers are always successful. by demonstrating the ability to take the risk, all entrepreneurs should always have a plan before taking the risk, have a plan b In case

Michael Merisier Junior
Michael Merisier Junior

of loss any loss of mishap, and establish suitable grounds for the results of the risks

  • Effective communication

Each entrepreneur must possess excellent communication skills to effectively communicate with employees, investors, customers, creditors, colleagues, and faculty. They should also focus on other forms of communication like group communication, individual and personal communication, written, email, and online messaging.

  • Creativity

Entrepreneurs with a creative mind will always give birth to something new . which means there will be no innovation without creativity. Therefore, creativity helps come up with solutions for problems at hand while thinking of other practical solutions outside the box. Also, it gives entrepreneurs the ability to devise new products for a similar market.


According to Michael Merisier Junior, these are some of the essential skills that make up a good entrepreneur. from them; they’ll realize business is an art and help them master the art. they’ll also understand that the entrepreneurship success may be challenging; therefore, remaining persistent and determined towards achievements


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