Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident in Connecticut?

The 10 Biggest Mistakes Made After a Car Accident

If you have ever been involved in an accident, you react to the shock and forget that you have a life after the accident. Failure to act accordingly might be your downfall. Connecticut auto accident lawyers advise victims to act fast to resolve a case better.

Let us look at the various mistakes motorists make when they get involved in an accident.

1.  ‘I am Fine.’

The first mistake people make is thinking that they are perfectly fine, only later on to realize that they have internal injuries. Remember that forces from an impact usually affect both the external and internal organs.

So, when you get involved in an accident, don’t refuse the medical treatment offered at the scene or after. See a doctor immediately after the accident.

2.  ‘The Police Shouldn’t Know.’

Many accident victims fail to notify the Connecticut police for various reasons. Remember, the police are the ones to complete an accident report that shows what exactly happened at the scene. The report corroborates what you will give as testimony in case of trial.

3.  ‘No Need for Pictures, My Memory is Perfect’

While pictures might not be the first thing you think about when you lie down injured, it is wise for you to have them for future reference. If you have someone who can take them for you, the better. Take pictures of any injuries or damage to property at the scene and the surroundings.

4.   ‘Let Me Apologize to Make the Case Easier’

Never accept responsibility until you talk to our Connecticut auto accident lawyers. Remember, the lawsuit might work against you if your words are used as evidence. Contact us to find out how we can handle your situation.

5.  ‘It Is Just a Small dent; I don’t need a Lawyer.’

A seemingly small matter might end up costing you every penny you have. This is why you need a seasoned lawyer to handle your issues right from the accident scene to the resolution of the case.

6.  ‘Who Needs Copies of Medical Documents Anyway?’

A time comes when you need to prove that you got injured, and you require compensation. When you visit a doctor, make sure you have a copy of the medical report and medical expenses.

7.   ‘I Will Handle the Case when I have Time.’

Many victims of car accidents take a lot of time to file a claim. You might find that the claim period has expired, and there is nothing you can do. Make sure you check the statute of limitations in the state to confirm the time limit within which you can file a suit.

8. ‘I Will Accept Any Offer’

You might think that the offer on the table from the defendant is attractive, but you should never accept any offer, especially when it is the first offer. Instead, trust your lawyer to get you the best deal depending on the severity of the crash.

9. ‘Any Lawyer will Do.’

We have had incidences where a victim called up the family lawyer instead of a personal injury lawyer – a big mistake. Instead, work with a skilled lawyer with a positive success rate.

10. ‘I Can Handle the Case by Myself’

You can decide to pursue the case independently, but the outcome won’t be the same when you work with Connecticut auto accident lawyers. Experience and expertise help the lawyer do the job better, faster, and more efficiently. It also gives you time to handle your chores and heal after the accident.


If you cause an accident and you suffer injuries, you can’t make a claim against the other person. It is advisable to talk to a personal injury lawyer to help you out.