Mohamed Mansaray: Journey of a Versatile Tax Professional

Every field of work has experts who show their great extent with their continuous hard work and determination. Similarly, in the field of tax preparation, many tax professionals became a reliable name when it comes to the preparation of taxes like Mohamed Mansaray.


Mohamed Mansaray is an experienced and reliable tax preparer in Philadelphia. Currently, he is applying his skills in Medmans Financial Services LLC as a tax preparer. He began his career in the year 2000 when he joined Devereux Whitlock Center in Philadelphia as Assistant Program Coordinator. After working for more than 7 years in this company, he became the program coordinator. He was responsible for monitoring the client accounts, budgets, training, and orientation of petty cash expenditures.


Along with this, Mansaray played a major role in keeping the regularities updated, in maintaining assessment of physical plant needs, and also in the development of in-house community services and activities. Mansaray was also responsible for establishing and maintaining constant communication with family, support services, and the county. He also handled the responsibilities as a program specialist for 19 residents and also ensured the execution of behavior support plans.


Later, in the year 2012, after he gained good experience of more than 12 years, he decided to switch his company and joined Bancroft Neurohealth, PA as program director. Here, he was responsible for the supervision of direct reports which includes quality management, program operations, clinical operations, accounting, and quality management. He also provided leadership, training, and advice to guide the direct reports of clinical operations and quality management.


With his experience and productive skill set, he managed to expand Bancroft’s PA adult residential program by 50%. Mansaray also managed the ongoing job performance of direct reports and communicated and developed goals of performance. With his knowledge and expertise, he also used to give feedback and established different time frames. He also developed performance improvement plans to execute the different policies for a better outcome and disciplinary actions.


Mohamed Mansaray in Philadelphia as a tax professional is a knowledgeable person who has credentials, and good experience to assist his clients with tax preparation. He always stays up to date on the latest rules, policies, and regulations which reflect a good image of his professionalism. He is also authorized by the Internal Revenue Service to represent tax and other payment matters. The role of Mansaray is always very crucial as his jobs somehow dependent on trust and good relationships with his clients. Tax preparation is not an easy job to do due to its complex structure, thus people have to look for professional tax preparers like Mansaray to ease their process of tax filing.



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