Mohamed Mansaray Philadelphia Tax Professional

Inspired by an entrepreneurial fortitude and matchless drive, Mohamed Mansaray holds expertise under the profile of a Business Consultant and a Tax professional. He possess 20 years of experience in managing on-going job performance of direct reports, performance evaluations, performance improvement plans and demonstrate executive strategic management to effectively translating corporate initiatives.

He is a person-centered individual with a result-oriented professional approach that facilitates the management of human resources and effectively implements company procedures and policies. He has successfully collaborated with high-end clients to ensure competent deliverance of projects targets to meet revenue goals.

His educational and professional credentials closely match with leadership skills that helps him co-ordinate with new customers and developed monthly client billing reports under complete authorization and authenticity.

Mohamed Mansaray of Philadelphia has built an extensive experience of two decades in handling on-going job performance of the direct reports, performance improvement plans, and performance evaluation. He has also shown executive strategic management for translation of corporate initiatives effectively.

It won’t be wrong to call him a person-centered professional who carries a result-driven approach. This approach simplifies the handling of human resources and executed the procedures and policies of the company. He has effectively joined hands with his clients to make sure of the on-time delivery or projects for accomplishing revenue goals.

However, he started all of it by building a strong educational base. He has completed his Bachelor of Science in Economics & Statistics with higher distinction at the University of Sierra Leone. He then went to earn his MBA in Finance from Pennsylvania State University.

He started his career as an Assistant Program Coordinator with Devereux Whitlock Center. After applying consistent efforts in this company for the next seven years, he got the chance to serve as the program coordinator. He handled this responsibility for the next five years.

Later, he joined Bancroft Neuroheath Broomall as the Program Director and worked for a couple of years.  He then moved to Ambvcor Health Solutions and worked as Operations Manager for one year. After this, he joined Alpha Ventures, Philadelphia and since then, has been working as a Business Consultant over there.

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