Monica Main: The Lost Secret Book Reviews

What if I tell you there are two unpublished chapters in Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich?

The lost secret book reveals that the publisher of The Ralston Society, who first published Think and Grow Rich in the 1930s, decided to delete chapters 16 and 17 from the original manuscript. There was no explanation as to why. However, if the two chapters were real,  we could speculate why the editor or publisher left them behind at that time. 

The Lost Secret: Unlocking the Hidden Chapters of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich by Monica Main reveals these two lost chapters. If you are yet to believe that they were indeed part of the original book, keep reading.

It’s a bit interesting how the author held these two chapters. Monica Main happened to meet a man whose stepfather worked at the Ralston Society at that time. The man entrusted the lost chapters to her. Monica couldn’t believe the man in the first place until he mailed her copies of the two missing chapters that blew off her mind. It must be a huge responsibility to decide what to do with it once she receives it in the mail. But what Napoleon did in Think and Grow Rich was incredible, making a shoe to fill for Monica.

Typically, claiming to acquire the two unpublished chapters is risky to your reputation. But why did the man wait so long for the chapters to be published? 

The Lost Secret

Monica Susan Main Suggested that it is probably what most readers have been itching for. But It’s good news to them as they’ll come to know the real secret that Napoleon Hill always wanted people to know. However, it wasn’t published in his time but his gift, legacy, and secret from beyond the grave. They’ll also rediscover the unique energy of Napoleon Hill’s classic work Think and Grow Rich. Monica’s additional teachings are insightful, moving, and profound

Nuggets from The Book

Persistence is the direct result of habit, and the mind absorbs whatever it is fed and becomes a part of the daily experiences. Fear is the worst of all enemies and can be effectively cured by forced repetition of acts of courage.

No matter how traumatic any circumstance was in your past, you’re sitting here now, in a brand-new moment. there’s still a chance to take this new moment to capture your power, grab the reins of your life, and steer yourself in the right direction


Thanks to Monica Susan main for discovering these two Lost Chapters and bringing Napoleon Hill’s teachings into the twenty-first century. It’s just great to work. However, if you still wonder whether the two chapters are ideal or don’t matter, grab your copy and read this fascinating book. 

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