Neel Khokhani – Entrepreneur Soared Into Australia’s Young Rich List

Came to Australia as an immigrant, was not able to drive, and was sacked from the job over offering advice, Neel Khokhani now ranks 51th on the list of young entrepreneurs. This ambitious, and critical thinking personality faced many challenges during the journey. His dream was to commence a flying school since childhood. Now owning the biggest flying school of Australia with 67 aircraft, three airport campuses, and teaching over 500 students. He is a pure example of dream come true when it comes to his great success!

Neel arrived in Australia as a 16-year-old teenager to chase his dream of becoming a good pilot, following it, he learned how to fly before he could drive! He was fascinated by Richard Branson and wanted to start his own airline. As a teenager couldn’t operate an airline so he started finding the way. He started to learn to fly in Australia, consequently, got a license at the age of 18. After that, he started working hard and saved $5000 to support his airline but that wasn’t enough.

At the age of 22 years, he founded Soar Aviation that was crowdfunded as he sold highly discounted lessons on group-buying site Scoopon. The corresponding efforts that he put in establishing an airline worked incredibly! Now he is operating the biggest flying school in Australia that has grown exponentially in a short space of time. He says that he aims to build a school that can propel the growth of the aviation industry, and opens the door for aspirants too!

Since the inception of Soar Aviation, Neel has ignited the flame among thousands of individuals who aspire to become an aviator. This is what that set Khokhani apart from other entrepreneurs of his generation. Currently, the flying school trains around 600 of the 800 pilots that graduate in Australia each year. His efforts are appreciatable as there’s currently a global shortage of pilots – not everyone is built to be a pilot. Becoming a pilot requires a lot of hard work, determination, and many more things!

On the final note, Neel Khokhani is the owner of the biggest flying school in Australia that is flourishing in the aviation industry. His meaningful contribution towards the future of Aviators is admirable. Now he has been an inspiration for youngsters and teenagers who want to achieve something good in life.

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