New Home and Land Packages

There are two types of a new home and land packages. The first choice is to buy the land and build the house afterward. The second choice is to purchase a home, and the land package also called a spec home, comprises a house that has already been constructed on the developer’s property and is ready to be occupied.


The property and the newly built house on top are both included in new home and land packages, which are made available to buyers under two separate contracts. A home and land package is something to think about whether you’re a first-time home buyer, an experienced investor with a portfolio of projects, or a senior looking to downsize.


Benefits of buying a new home and land package

You can choose the best design for you

You can customize your home when purchasing a house and land combination. The vast majority of home purchasers say they want to customize their space and architecture, allowing you the freedom to do just that.


One of the simplest and quickest ways to purchase a home customized to a family’s needs is through house and land packages and turnkey solutions.

Costs are clear

The price is normally pretty clear up front for house and land packages which is good for buyers whose finance is pre-approved. In many cases, professional interior designers and architects are involved in every aspect of the design, ensuring a high-quality product without the costs associated with consultancy fees.

Technology advances give control to buyers

Home purchasers now have a tonne of freedom to choose their ideal piece of land, match it with their ideal plan, and pick the builder of their choice online. Every action is entirely under the control of the buyers.

Better value for money

Generally, a house plus land bundle is more valuable than an existing home in the same neighborhood.

First homeowner grants

The homeowner grant may be available if you purchase your first house. For first-time homebuyers purchasing a brand-new home or purchasing land to build on, several fantastic incentives are available. For instance, the grant is effectively doubled when building or buying a new home or buying land to build one.

Investor benefits

A house and land combination comes with a warranty in case of any issues because it is new. It will be simpler to rent and probably require little to no maintenance costs. Depreciation is a deduction to offset the expense of general aging and wear and tear on the furnishings and fixtures you purchased for your rental. Instead of independently depreciating assets that are less than a few thousand dollars, you can combine them. The rental’s land and buildings cannot be written off as depreciation.


Ultimately, purchasing a land and home package gives you total control. You might be shocked to learn that the ideal land package is well within your grasp, regardless of whether you’re starting off small and hoping to construct something spectacular over time or know exactly what you want from the get-go.


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