Nicholas Morley

Nicholas Morley – An Ingenious  Professional Chartered Architect

Nicholas Morley is a UK-based chartered architect having more than 18 years of professional experience in the field of architecture. He is one of the most popular architects within the country and is an idol to many newcomers in the field. It is the dedication and the hard work of Nicholas Morley that has helped him to achieve what can be called a great success.

His Path to Become an Architect

From being a normal child to an inspirational architect, the life of Nicholas Morley has been truly inspiring. His zeal to achieve something big in life was clearly evident when he was just an upper school student. Working on his plans towards success, he took admission in the Manchester University from where he completed his graduation in 1992. Afterward, he decided to become an architect as till this time he had developed an immense interest in building design. To follow his dream, he decided to earn a B.Arch degree from Bath University. 3 years after achieving the Bachelor degree in architecture, Nicholas’s efforts finally paid off when he got the membership of Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) in 1997.

Qualities Possessed by Nicholas

Every individual who meets Nick quickly notices the politeness and the charm that he carries with him. It is Nicholas Morley’ humble nature that allows many of his clients to share their dream construction projects with him. Additionally, Nicholas is a good listener and pays attention to even the minute details specified by his clients.

Talking about architectural skills, Nicholas boasts a plethora of them. He thrives to give his best irrespective of the type and size of the project. Moreover, Nick has the ability and drive to make each project a success. Below are the most prominent architectural skills of Nicholas Morley:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of engineering and math required in architectural designs
  • Knowledge of building laws and codes
  • Architectural rendering
  • Budgeting
  • Conceptualization
  • Drafting

Accomplishments of Nicolas Morley

Nick has been active in the world of architecture for over 2 decades and during this time he has achieved various milestones that clearly depict his competency in the field. His portfolio includes the successful execution of a project that involved the development of a scheme to convert the old Winchester Library into 14 luxury apartments. For the same project, he has been awarded the 2011 Evening Standard New Home, which is a big achievement for any architect.

Regarding Nicholas’ career, he has experience of working with numerous consultancies and practices. Moreover, he has accomplished a wide variety of complex projects related to Masterplanning, residential extensions, and conversions. His meticulous approach of working has helped him to complete some notable assignments including the refurbishment of Bristol North Baths building, which is one of the Grade 2 listed buildings in the UK.

Acting as the Leader of His Own Firm

Along with having exceptional architectural dexterity, Nick also has the passion, courage, and vision required to lead an organization. Back in the year of 2008, Nick inaugurated his own company with an aim to provide the best architectural services to the people. He named the company as Nicholas Morley Architects, which offers a full range of architecture services.

The doors of Nicholas Morley Architects are open to both private clients and developers. The organization works on the principles and beliefs established by Nick, and thus ensures complete reliability. Moreover, the services offered by Nick’s firm are cost-effective and focuses on meeting the requirements of the clients. Talking about Nick’s specialty, he has an upper hand when it comes to solving difficult planning problems like enforcement action and appeals. Consequently, he wants more people to enjoy his expertise by approaching his firm, which has offices in two separate locations namely, Bristol and Bath.

Services Offered by Nicholas Morley Architects

The architectural firm offers a broad array of services that clients can approach to make their dream projects a reality. Some of the key services offered by the firm are mentioned as follows:

  • Feasibility Study

This service includes a comprehensive review of all the options and design solutions related to a potential site. At the end of the review, a feasibility report will be generated, which explains whether it is possible to execute the designs or not.

  • Construction/Working Drawings

Construction or working drawings act as the blueprint of a building. The blueprint specifies what needs to be built and the placement of various elements of the building such as doors, windows etc.

  • Site Inspections and Project Monitoring

Within this service, the firm conducts site inspections at regular intervals to supervise both the progress and quality of the construction work going on at the site. Afterward, Nick’s architectural company will generate a report containing the status details along with any corrective actions, if required.

  • Planning Resolutions

Difficult planning situations often arise in many projects, and the firm has expertise in resolving such issues amicably. In addition, the service also assists clients with their planning appeals and looks for a solution regarding previous planning refusals.

  • 3-D Visualizations

Sometimes it becomes quite difficult for clients and planning officers to imagine how the design of a construction project will look in the real world. Nicholas Morley Architects eliminates this problem by offering its service of 3-D visualization. The firm is capable of preparing a 3-Dimensional model of the project, which gives a clear idea of its appearance within the actual surrounding environment.

Recent Projects Undertaken by Nick’s Architectural Firm

Nicholas Morley architects have successfully completed numerous projects and take pride in having a massive clientele. Furthermore, the firm’s track record is commendable and some of the latest projects of the company are as follows:

  • Manor Close, Wellow

The project involves the designing of a new house that is to be constructed near Manor Close, Wellow. As the site location is within the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding National Beauty, it was to be made sure that the dwelling does not deteriorate the quality of the surrounding landscape. In response, the firm had fruitfully created the ‘Landscape Visual Impact Assessment’ document to ensure that the proposal adheres to the applicable regulations.

  • Broadlands Farms, Bath

The proposal involved the design creation of nine dwellings in the Broadlands farms, which are located on the outskirts of Batheaston, Bath. The houses need to be constructed using timber and natural slates. In addition, timber window shutters were proposed to enhance the thermal efficiencies of the dwellings.

  • Nailsea Electrical, Bristol

The project consists of the development of a retail unit and nine flats near the famous ‘Bristol North Baths’.

Nicholas Morley – A Source of Motivation for Architects

From a very young age, Nicholas Morley knew what he wanted in life. He always had the determination of becoming the best in his field and hence, today he is one of the reputed and renowned architects in the United Kingdom. He has achieved and accomplished numerous architectural projects in the country that are amazing and inspiring for other architects.

 Academic Achievements

Nicholas completed his graduation in the year 1992 from Manchester University. Then he completed his Part 3 professional exam from the Bath University in 1994 and later on became the member of the Royal Institute of British Architects. He is a highly qualified Chartered Architect with an experience of 18 years.

 Architectural Firms

After working for 10 years for numerous architectural firms and consultancies, Nick began with his own firm in the year 2008 and named it as Nicholas Morley Architects. He made sure that with the help of his company he could offer a wide range of services to the clients and real estate developers. He provided the best services and consultation to his clients. He currently has his firm located in two cities namely, Bristol and Bath.

 Services Provided to the Clients

Nicholas Morley Architects provided their clients with multiple services that were very helpful for the clients. They resolved the planning problems with the help of his experience and knowledge. Some of the services are:

  • Inspection of the sites and project monitoring
  • Planning the applications
  • Feasibility studies
  • Sketch the scheme designs
  • Drawings of the construction area
  • 3D Visualization
  • Architects certificates

Projects Delivered

Nicholas Morley has taken up and successfully completed so many projects. He always uses his knowledge and experience to accomplish all the projects. Some of his famous projects are:

  • Bristol North Baths

He successfully completed the refurbishment of Bristol North Baths. It was an old grade 2 listed building and is now changed into a Health Centre.

  • Holwood Estate, Keston, Kent

This place holds a great significance regarding the geophysical studies. Nick designed the layout for 16 houses that were located in the courtyard which was near the main seismographic site.

  • Rotary Court, Hampton Court, London

Under this project, there is the conversion of an old maternity hospital into 14 contemporary apartments.

  • Weston Lane, Bath

Nick created drawings for the construction of this brand new house. Its construction is under progress now.

The most important trait of Nicholas is that he never exploited his clients and always provided them with cost-effective services. He transforms the dream projects into a reality with the help of his dedication and passion towards his work.

Nicholas Morley – Achievements that Created his Identity in the Architectural Field

Reaching on the new heights of success is not a bed of roses; it requires immense dedication and hard work. Being a renowned architect, Nicholas Morley continuously excels in the world of architecture with his innovative work pattern. His enormous efforts and perfection reflect in his projects work that becomes an Inspiration for the aspirants who are willing to shine in the cloud of success in the respective field of architecture.

Nick believes in providing quality services that exactly meet the expectation of his clients and this contemporary approach made him separate from the crowd.  Moreover, he offers a wide range of services that is not only exclusive but also cost-effective.

Nicholas Morley Architects

In the initial stage of his career, he worked for numerous consultancies in order to polish his skills. He utilizes his experience and knowledge by creating his own architectural firm, Nicholas Morley Architecture in the year 2008. With his, he provides a full range of services not only to his private clients but also to the real-estate developers.

He firmly understands that the space he creates is not only a building complex, house or office but more than someone’s dream and desire. His main objective is to make their clients satisfying in every aspect of architecture and with his firm he puts a significant amount of efforts to create spaces that go beyond the expectation.

The most interesting fact is that he creates artistic space that is recognizable and prominent for its detailed designs and the way he organizes the space in a proficient manner is always appreciated by his clients.

Prominent projects

Nicholas has engaged in with various notable projects and successfully completed numerous innovative projects with his wide skills and vast experience. His sense of recognizing the situation and utilizing technical knowledge allows him to achieve the desired goal in an effective manner. Some of his unique designs and projects are given below.

  • Northpoint Camden Road, London NW1

During this project, he constantly works on the main aspects of architecture that included, design, Masterplanning, and preparation of the full working drawing for 148 house and apartments.

  • Rotary Court, Hampton Court, London

With his extraordinary skills and efforts, he efficiently converted an old maternity hospital into 14 contemporary apartments.

  • Bristol North Baths

He implemented it successfully with a recognizable refurbishment of Bristol North Baths. He renovated an old grade 2 listed building and convert into a Health centre.

As Nicholas Morley is passionate for his work and is always ready to create remarkable projects that define his work in a creative manner. He provides reliable services including Development Appraisals, 3-D Visualisations, Planning Enforcement Resolution, Construction or Working Drawings, Conceptual or Sketch Scheme Designs and leaves no stone unturned to create brilliant designs.

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