When is Passport Translation Necessary?

A passport translation can ease the burden of traveling. Many people require a passport to travel internationally, whether they are going to study, work, or visit. In what circumstances could a passport translator be required? Although it may seem like a passport should always be accepted and recognized in all countries, legal translations of passports are sometimes required. A passport translation is required to travel legally.

What is a passport?

A national government issues a passport. It is a legal document that certifies a passport holder’s identity and country of citizenship. A passport is considered an international travel document. But, a passport does not necessarily mean you can travel unlimitedly to another country. A visa is required for anyone who wants to live in a country longer than a month or to study or work abroad.

Passport Translation Benefits

Before visiting a country where the native language is not spoken, passport translations are often used. For everyday travel transactions, a translation of a personal document can prove identity and citizenship. The Spanish group will help you in this process.  Some countries require passport translations to allow entry. Recent headlines focused on Libya, where tourists were denied entry despite possessing valid passports and Libyan visas. To cross the border, Libya needs an Arabic passport translation. If the country’s official languages are not listed on the passport, the government and immigration agencies often request translations. A passport translation is a must if you plan to travel to a country with a majority speaking a different language. A passport translator can save you time and hassle and help you get to your destination smoothly.

What Languages are Passports issued?

A meeting of the League of Nations, the precursor of the United Nations, decided in 1920 that passports should be issued only in French. Since the League of Nations agreed that French was the traditional language for passports, it was ” the language used in diplomacy.” While many passports can still be issued in French, others are not. Many passports are available in multiple languages, so there is no need to translate your passport. You can choose the language you want for your passport in some countries. These are just a few of the languages passports can be issued in around the globe:
  • United States: US passports were first issued in English and French after the 1920 League of Nations meeting. In recognition of Puerto Rico’s Spanish-speaking commonwealth, Spanish was added to US passports during the late 1990s.
  • New Zealand: Passports to New Zealand can be issued in English or Maori.
  • European Union: Every member state of the European Union is issued a passport that includes all official languages of the EU.
  • Pakistan: Pakistani passports can be issued in English, French, Urdu, Arabic, and French.
  • Belgium: Belgian passports contain the three official languages of Belgium, Dutch, French, and German. However, citizens can choose which language appears first on their passports.

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